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Business cloud apps

Recent Study Shows How the Cloud Can Double the Profits of a Small Business

It’s been proven that the cloud is ideal for improving the way that organizations just like yours are handling their day-to-day operations, bringing both an increase in profits, net growth, and staff productivity. So, naturally, small businesses are...

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team collaboration at work

Tip of the Week: How Instant Messaging Can Be Used to Improve Workplace Collaboration

Instant messaging is commonplace in today’s society. It used to be primarily for social interaction, but its success was so overwhelming that...

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data computer

The Big LastPass Data Breach

In 2022, LastPass, a widely popular password manager, experienced a major data breach that compromised the security and privacy of millions of users....

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Inside the Mind of a Hacker

As technology advances, the world we live in has become more connected than ever before. The expanse of our cyberspace has hugely affected the way we...

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Daxit Support Tree

Our apprentice said this about our company…

MEET DAXIT! At Support Tree, we believe our four core company values: Growth, Team, Care, and Humility, have been a major part of our ongoing...

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dispatcher calling clients

Three Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Customer Experience in Insurance

Customer experience is key when it comes to the insurance industry. According to a study by Forrester, 89% of customers will leave due to a bad...

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nervous employees

Do employees really feel safe?

Not as safe as you thought… The pandemic might be over but the workplace policies that came from it are here to stay. One of the most popular...

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Support Tree Team

Could the insurance industry really be better off from a small change?

It’s no secret that old computers will give you a headache. But is there more to this? Whilst identifying industry issues can be helpful, we must...

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Gibraltar mountain

From London to Gibraltar

Before we start, small intro – Who am I, and what is my role? My name is Andrew and I have been working at Support Tree for almost 7 years. I started...

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