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Providing IT Support

to the Insurance Industry

for over 20 Years

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "The strength of our partnership, assisting us through the rapid growth of our company means we are loyal to Support Tree and have never felt the need to consider alternative providers based on the quality they provide".

- Nate Filer, Eaton Gate


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What makes us the expert?

We research

your industry

We've got your back when it comes to IT support for financial services, especially insurance businesses. We dig deep, even at insurance events, to get what makes you tick. Our research-driven mojo helps us whip up IT solutions that fit you like a glove. And we don't slack off – we stay on top of the latest trends and tech wizardry to keep you ahead in the game. With Support Tree as your trusty IT, we'll smooth things out, lock down your data, and supercharge your insurance agency's efficiency. You can count on us to keep your tech game strong!

We work with others in your industry

We've got you covered with top-notch IT support for financial services. With over two decades of experience helping insurance businesses like Eaton Gate MGU and Bridgehaven Insurance, we totally get the ins and outs of the financial services industry. To stay ahead of the game, we team up with industry leaders like Lloyds of London to get all the best insights.

Working together with these experts helps us understand the ever-changing IT needs of financial services and the insurance industry. It lets us offer the best support possible to our clients. With our savvy skills and collaborative spirit, we're your ultimate IT partner for financial services. We'll help you smooth out operations, lock down your precious data, and deliver the latest and greatest IT solutions. Let's team up and take your financial business to new heights!

Lloyds of London

We help our

clients at BIBA

We love supporting our clients at BIBA and other insurance events. It's not just about being there; we're their biggest cheerleaders, helping them show off their companies in style! And you know what's even better? We get to collect super useful data that benefits both of us.

By getting to know our clients better, we can offer spot-on solutions, and that data we gather? It's like gold, helping us level up our services for even better support. It's a win-win for everyone!

At these events, we're all about building strong partnerships and cheering on your success. Trust us to have your back at BIBA and beyond. Let's shine together!

Have you experienced this?

IT is annoying and slow

Tech is frustrating

You rarely see your Account Manager

IT support never answer your calls



You won't succeed

with bad IT 

  • Relying on outdated strategies limits your potential for growth and success. Without being innovative your business might end up becoming the Nokia of insurance.


  • Business downtime can lead to revenue loss, frustrated customers, and a damaged reputation. Ensuring a reliable and resilient infrastructure is crucial for maintaining continuity.

  • A tarnished reputation can have long-lasting consequences. Negative reviews, PR crises, or unethical practices can erode trust and credibility. Upholding transparency and ethical practices is vital.

  • Moving office can be an overwhelming experience, causing stress and headaches for everyone. From logistics and packing to settling in, the process can be quite demanding.

  • In today's digital age, no business is immune to cyber threats. A breach can lead to data loss, financial damage, and a loss of customer trust. Protecting your business from such risks is crucial.

  • Without systems and processes in place, day-to-day operations can become disorganised and inefficient. As your business grows, the challenges of managing various aspects increase, impacting productivity.

  • Growing your business can be both exciting and stressful. Dealing with resource constraints, operational bottlenecks, and strategic decision-making can often be overwhelming.

  • In todays job market, attracting and retaining top talent is a constant challenge. Without a solid culture for foundation or the chance for growth your staff won't stay for long.


  • Finding the top talent that fits with your company's vision and values can be difficult. It's challenging to find someone with the right skills and cultural fit in today's job market.

Benefits of choosing to outsource IT Support for Financial Services

Saves Money

Better Performance



Half a Century of Experience

Around the Clock Help

High ROI

Compliance Connoisseurs

Reduces Risk

Supplier Connections

Account Management

Less Tax

More Time

we love to edcuate

We educate others in your Industry

We don't just offer IT support to financial services! We also love sharing our expertise knowledge at our cool events, focusing on cyber security and threats that are a big deal in your industry.

Why education? Because it's the key to making things better! Our events are awesome chances to learn and grow together. We keep an eye on the latest cyber security trends, so you stay ahead in the financial services world.

And guess what? Our events are packed with juicy data and insights. We love sharing the good stuff afterwards, so everyone's in the know. Together, we'll rock the digital world and make financial services safer!

Sothebys & Suppport Tree Wine & Cyber

We provide insights with the LMF Group

We're stoked to team up with the LMF Group! One cool thing we do is join the Cyber Resilience Summit, hosted by the LMF Group. It's where we help the industry understand the risks they're facing. But wait, there's more! We also team up with the LMF Group to spot any knowledge gaps and areas where they need expertise. Together, we make sure the industry is strong and ready for any challenges.

Our rock-solid partnership means we've got the LMF Group's back, supporting their efforts to boost the financial services industry. We're here for you every step of the way, offering our unwavering support. Trust us to be the go-to IT support for financial services, always ready to help and empower you for a safer future. Let's keep crushing it together with the LMF Group!

LMF Group Cyber Resilience
I raised a ticket with Support Tree about an issue with the Laptop I was using. Mohammed then gave me a call within around 10 minutes of me making Support Tree aware of the problem and took a further 2 minutes or so to solve the problem I was having. Very efficient service!
Matt Chivers
Butler Toll
I am really glad we decided to use Support Tree. The service has been exceptional, and their solutions have been a positive addition to our business. They are such a pleasure to deal with and it is great to have peace of mind that Stamford is being protected and supported by the right people. I would highly recommend Support Tree to anyone!
Luke Samuels
Stamford Associates
Support Tree has been brilliant! The suggestion to make the switch was a no-brainer with them. The care and expertise provided from their team gave us full confidence in their ability to steer us in the right direction. It’s great knowing that this side of Seaforth Land is taken care of by the right people.
Seaforth Land

Want To Find Out How Much It All Costs?

Where Do You Start?

Worker on phone


During this stage, George, who has a background of helping SME's for over 10 years, will jump on a call with you to go through the needs of your company, its challenges, its business plan and your goals. This is so he can see the level of support you need. After that you will meet Neil our CEO, who will show your bespoke package!

Teamwork calling


During the onboarding stage we will begin implementing your bespoke package, making sure at every step of the project you feel comfortable and 100% happy.

You will also meet Andrew and Annie. Andrew has been with Support Tree for just under a decade and is a specialist in technology. Annie on the other hand has been in a client service role for over 15 years and will be your designated Account Manager.

Happy CEO


Now here's the fun part... Great Success!

After your onboarding, Annie will have regular check ins to make sure we are on track to reach your desired outcomes. You will also get to meet and work with our amazing service desk which is run by Jakub. His two decades worth of experience in the hospitality sector means he knows how to deliver the white glove service our clients have become accustomed to.

How Can You Guarantee Success?

When it comes to IT support for financial services, Support Tree's service stands out without any tricks or traps. We proudly differentiate ourselves by offering a remarkable 12-month trial period on all our long-term agreements. Our confidence in delivering on our promises is unwavering, which is why we provide an easy, no-questions-asked option for dissatisfied clients to walk away from their agreement. You won't find anyone else with an offer like that!

However, our offerings don't stop there. As part of our dedication to continuous improvement, we have introduced the "Support Trees" initiative exclusively for our clients. Wondering what it entails? The Support Trees initiative involves planting a tree for every instance of negative feedback we receive, symbolising our commitment to learning from our mistakes and growing better. Furthermore, if we receive no negative feedback throughout an entire business quarter, we joyously celebrate by planting 20 trees. By choosing our services, not only do you benefit from superior IT support, but you also contribute to a greener future. 

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