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Support Trees

Our way of giving back

As part of our ongoing commitment to getting better all the time, we've rolled out the "Support Trees" initiative just for our awesome clients. So, what's the scoop? Well, with Support Trees, every time we get some constructive criticism, we plant a tree. It's our way of showing we're serious about learning from our blunders and growing stronger. But here's the really cool bit: If we go a whole business quarter without any negative feedback, we go all out and plant a massive 20 trees! So, when you choose us for your IT support, you're not only getting top-quality service, but you're also doing your bit for a greener future. Let's team up and make a positive impact together!

Support Tree Bloomsbury Square



Our accountability

We're all about making a positive impact on the green world. We take technology and give it a new lease of life, so we can be accountable for our impact on the environment. We repurpose technology to minimize waste and do our bit for sustainability. But that's not all. We're also big on building a company culture that's all about being green. We teach our team members about eco-friendly practices and make responsible resource use a priority. We want to inspire others and create a greener world for everyone.

Hardware Support Tree

Diversity & Equality

Our initiatives & goals

We're all about diversity and equality. We believe that when people from all walks of life come together, magic happens. Everyone here is valued, respected, and empowered. We love embracing different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences because they make our company culture thrive. By nurturing diversity, we create an atmosphere where collaboration and creativity shine. Building a company culture that celebrates diversity isn't just a goal, it's the heart and soul of who we are. Join us and let's make equality the norm!

Support Tree diversity

Local Community

Our support network

We're all about our local community! Making a positive impact is what drives us. We jump into local initiatives, getting involved and showing our support. Whether it's pitching in with volunteering, sponsoring cool events, or teaming up with local organisations, we're there. It's not just a checkbox for us – it's part of our DNA. We believe in building a culture that cares, where making a meaningful difference is second nature. Let's join forces, strengthen our community, and create a company culture that's all about support and care.

Support Tree Leadership


Our code of conduct

Ethics are a big deal for us. We're proud to be an ethical company that takes sourcing seriously. When it comes to hardware, we're all about doing it right. We carefully choose suppliers who share our values of sustainability and responsible manufacturing. But hey, being ethical isn't just a box we tick. It's part of who we are, from how we run things day-to-day to how we treat our pals and partners. Let's make a positive impact together and pave the way for an ethical future that can make the difference!

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