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We understand the frustrations faced by small and medium-sized businesses. Running a business is tough, and dealing with IT challenges can add to the stress. At Support Tree, we've been there. With over two decades of experience, we know the issues you encounter and the impact of unreliable 24/7 IT support. We're here to provide solutions that address your specific pain points and help you overcome IT obstacles.







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If You Don't Switch...

First off, downtime costs. Every minute of downtime can set you back £120, and that quickly adds up to a whopping £21,600! And it doesn't stop there – data breaches could cost you a cool £4,200, and watch out for those legal and regulatory penalties – they'll smack you with another £16,000!

But wait, there's more. Imagine trying to recover your brand after a PR nightmare, and it'll cost you a hefty £7,500 per month! Plus, without the right support, your IT expenses could shoot up by £5,000 every month. And that's not all – you'll lose a chunky £30,000 in employee productivity.

Oh, and we're not done yet – you've got to shell out £305 per month for IT training and education, and don't forget about those insurance premiums at £720 per month. These costs might seem small at first, but believe us, they'll add up real quick and hit you where it hurts.

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Our team listens and empathizes with your unique challenges. We're more than just an IT provider – we're your trusted partner. We work closely with you to develop tailored IT strategies that align with your business goals. Let us handle the technical complexities while you focus on driving your business forward. We're here to alleviate your IT worries and deliver reliable support.

With Support Tree, you can trust that your IT needs are in good hands. We simplify the complexities of IT so that you can focus on what matters most – running your business. Our goal is to provide streamlined and efficient IT operations, saving you time, energy, and resources. Say goodbye to frustrations and hello to reliable IT support that empowers your business to thrive.

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24/7 IT Support

Support Tree is a very good IT support. I work with the team regularly in the IT monitoring of my employees and their responsiveness, their methodology are excellent!
Géraldine Saragoussi
Thank you, super speedy response and issue resolution. It's a pleasure working with the team at Support Tree!
Kandice Monerville
House Of St Barnabas
Jacob has been fantastic at organising tickets after a key member of staff left. Daxit was also very helpful in getting bulk users set up in one day. Thanks!
Louise Godfrey
Eaton Gate

What's the difference?

You might be thinking "I'm alright my 24/7 IT support has got this covered". And you'd be right your 24/7 IT support provider may have this covered, but when it comes to your business would you rather it run and perform like a Ferrari or a Ford?

Your existing provider may get you from A to B, but we all know it will take longer, the journey will be uncomfortable, and there's always that slight doubt you will be let down.


Now picture this instead, its a beautiful day, the sun is shining, your Ferrari (your business) is flying down the open roads and you haven't got a care in the world because life is bliss. You make it to your destination in record time and you are a picture of success. That right there is the Support Tree experience!

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