Our Future

To be a great company!

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Our Mission

To Be A Great Company

To me this means a company full of people who want to be there. Who enjoy working as a team.

We talk about our company values a lot internally and being a great company means everyone understanding our values and living by them everyday. Not to mention people who take pride in their work and look for ways of doing it better.

On a Monday morning we want people to be happy to becoming to work and being part of a team. Being a great company means our team being proud of who we are, and what we represent.

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Our 3 Uniques

We Are Likeable

How many IT companies could you grab a coffee or a pint with? Exactly! Thats what makes us different. Our team goes that extra mile to be friendly, supportive, and caring. Plus we even make the odd joke now and again!

We know your industry

Every IT company says they know your industry, but how many actually spend the time to research and stay up to date with the latest regulations and needs? You can be sure we are part of the few IT businesses in the UK who are committed to knowing the ins and outs of your industry, so you dont even have to!

We want to make your business great

We dont call anyone we work with clients. We call them partners. Why? Because we are in it for the long haul. We partner with your company, work with you on your goals, and provide you with the tools, so you can you "We did it!".

Our Next Few Years

The Future


Establishing IT and security services Footing for Insurance SMBs...

  •  Launch the revamped website with dedicated sections for SMB solutions in the insurance sector.

  • Forge strong partnerships with emerging insurance startups and medium-sized providers in London.

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Cementing Insurance SMBs Presence & Dipping into Real Estate Asset Management...

  • Achieve ISO 27001 certification, highlighting our commitment to data security for SMBs.

  • Host exploratory workshops for SMBs in real estate asset management, gathering insights and needs.

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Real Estate Asset Management Transition & Introducing Alternative Investments...
  • Roll out a dedicated IT platform tailored for SMBs in real estate asset management.
  • Initiate a beta platform for SMBs in alternative investments, focusing on private equity and hedge funds.

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Enhancing Alternative Investment Solutions & Exploring New Tech...

  • Begin offering IT consulting services for firms transitioning to advanced Alternative Investment Solutions platforms.

  • Expansion. Open a dedicated office focusing on IT solutions for the alternative investment sector.

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The Future

We look forward to getting even closer to being a great company!