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Cloud Computing

Transitioning to the Cloud offers numerous benefits, ranging from cost savings and increased productivity to disaster recovery. By moving your business cloud-based services you can:

Collaborate and share information more easily – the cloud enables your employees to interact more efficiently, and access information from nearly anywhere and on any device, increases productivity.

Protect sensitive data – Using Cloud-based services gives you the peace of mind that if your equipment gets damaged, lost or stolen, your sensitive data remains protected and available.

Reduce costs and resource strain – Automatic security and software updates in Cloud-based services enable your business to save the time and money that are required when you have to maintain onsite infrastructure.

Our superior hosting services and cloud computing support cater for all types of businesses: from those with low requirements to high-end users needing huge amounts of disk space and bandwidth to run their websites.


Office 365

Office 365 consolidates many business-productivity services into a single Cloud-based solution, which you can choose to run in the way that works best for your business: on-premises, as a hosted service, or as a combination of on-premises and a hosted service.

Office 365 allows your employees work to the best of their abilities, wherever they are, with the confidence that their data is protected. Whether they want to access their latest files on the road, or connect with team members from a remote location, Office 365 gives employees a best-in-class mobile productivity solution, combined with the protection and control your business needs.

With Office 365, you have access to enterprise-grade business tools you know and love, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Packages are designed for small- and medium-sized businesses, at an affordable monthly subscription rate. As a subscriber, you benefit from product improvements that are ever-more integrated and adaptive to the way you and your teams work. Plus, Office 365 updates automatically across all its applications, so you don’t have to worry about upgrades.

IT Security Services

Cybercrime has gone pro. It’s become one of the most significant threats to the security of today’s businesses, especially to SMEs. Many businesses face financial damage due to cyberattacks targeted at employees. Our IT security services including security training, provides one of the world’s most popular integrated Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platforms. 

We understand that security is a top priority for your business. Cyberattacks can not only impact your productivity, but more importantly your balance sheet and reputation. Our IT security services ands security training enables your staff to recognise and respond to cyberattacks quickly, so that they can keep security top of mind and help prevent your business from attacks.


Staff Education

In many cyberattacks, the first point of entry is associated with employee error. Clicking on falsified attachments or hyperlinks within emails can compromise the security of your company’s systems. Security Training provides your employees with the proper training and education to avoid ransomware attacks, saving you from downtime and the loss of thousands of pounds.

Phish Your Staff

Security Training significantly reduces staff engagement with phishing attacks. A 12-month case study of 300 Security Training users found the number of phish-prone employees fell from an average of 15.9% to 1.2% within 12 months of training. The course covers a wide range of methods to combat cybercrime, including 
simulated phishing attacks, detailed reporting and targeted attacks on under-performing employees.


Have Peace of Mind

Cybercrime is growing at the speed of light. From ransomware takeovers to hacking bank accounts, there is no saying who will be next. SMEs are particularly at risk. It’s no longer a case of if you’ll be attacked – it’s when. Security Training provides your employees with the right training, leaving you with the peace of mind that they won’t be your weakest link.

Phone Systems

Keep communications open and easy for all your contacts, while enhancing all your phone experiences.

You’re already familiar with it

You already love Microsoft Teams. Now you can have your voice calls in Microsoft Teams as well.

Business voice integrates with your CRM

This gives you popups of incoming callers so you know who’s calling before answering.

No new hardware required

Use your mobile, your headphones, or your speakers to make and receive calls.


That’s not all

  •  All calls are included in UK. No surprise bills – other countries available on request.
  • Keep your phone numbers, don’t lose any of them; all numbers can be transferred.
  • Transfer, Hold, Conference, all at a click of a mouse.
  • Voicemail is emailed or viewable in MS Teams and transcripts of the message will be provided.
  • Auto Attendants give your callers routes to get the right contact.
  • Reporting gives you insight into who is calling when, how many calls are being made, all at a glance.
  • Make voice calls from any device, iPad, android, laptop, MAC, etc.
  • Call from most phone handsets. The choice is yours. You can have a handset or no handset.
  • There’s a mobile app if you prefer to not use MS Teams.
  • Ring Groups; any combination in any order.
  • Call Recording, compliance or training is included in your subscription at no extra cost.
  • Whisper / Monitor / Barge


Whatever your business needs, we can recommend and supply all forms of internet support, from high-speed broadband to 4G.


Our Connectivity Services

Support aimed to provide London businesses with internet and effective communications:

  • Smart connectivity solutions for all applications
  • ADSL and leased lines to wireless broadband
  • High quality of support and personal service


Importance of Effective Internet Support

Without the ability to connect to the internet, businesses have little chance of being productive. Whether you want to research something on the web or access your Cloud-based email account, the efficiency of your internet connection is critical.

ST Internet provides smart connectivity solutions for all applications. We can provide circuits from simple ADSL and leased lines to wireless broadband (WiMAX). Our added value is the high quality of support and personal service that you’ll get from the Support Tree team.

We provide communication solutions for large corporations and growing businesses. Over time, many of these installations have grown in scale, complexity and bandwidth usage. The Support Tree team has been there to help in this growth and ensure that a smooth upgrade path is provided.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

Threats to business are constantly evolving, from the risk of hardware failure and software corruption to the growing dangers of ever-changing ransomware. Disruption could mean losing data, being held to ransom, having your business reputation damaged or the loss of projects or contracts.

BCDR solutions provide a plan to mitigate these risks.
Your BCDR plan should serve as a thorough risk assessment and strategy that ensures your IT systems keep running and your business remains secure.

When you have BCDR solutions in place, your data will be backed up, protected, and your business will be compliant.

Our Business Continuity products are designed to provide complete IT recovery and server backup support so that your business can carry on operating with minimum disruption.


Our ST Business Protect solution delivers everything your business needs:

  • Aggressive RTO of any backup, recovery and business continuity solution

  • Easy to deploy, scale and manage

  • The best protection for mission-critical applications and servers on the market

  • Full off-site restorations

  • Product packages tailored to your business size and requirements

  • Screenshot backup verification and backup insights

  • Centralised management interface

  • Instant local and off-site virtualization


Fantastic service. Support Tree are pro-active, engaged in what our business is all about and are working in our best interests. I can highly recommend.
Worked with Support tree since around 2018, a lot of great people working there with excellent leadership, I can recommend to anyone looking for IT support.
Thank you to Stuart from Support Tree, he managed to sort out my One Drive problems and microphone. A great service he also updated my lap top so it is super-fast now.
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Our System for Success

Support Tree Proven Process


During this stage, George, who has a background of helping SME's for over 10 years, will jump on a call with you to go through the needs of your company, its challenges, its business plan and your goals. This is so he can see the level of support you need. After that you will meet Neil our CEO, who will show your bespoke package!


During the onboarding stage we will begin implementing your bespoke package, making sure at every step of the project you feel comfortable and 100% happy.

You will also meet Andrew and Annie. Andrew has been with Support Tree for just under a decade and is a specialist in technology. Annie on the other hand has been in a client service role for over 15 years and will be your designated Account Manager.


Now here's the fun part... Great Success!

After your onboarding, Annie will have regular check ins to make sure we are on track to reach your desired outcomes. You will also get to meet and work with our amazing service desk which is run by Jakub. His two decades worth of experience in the hospitality sector means he knows how to deliver the white glove service our clients have become accustomed to.

Let's have a talk

Want to learn more about our IT security services? Call, email or submit your details below and let's have a talk. You might want to chat with George, email Annie, or maybe go for a coffee with Neil. Lets see how your business can become the best!



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