Get all the benefits of an enterprise IT department, without the costs

We can help you achieve your business goals by
leveraging technology and having the freedom to
work without the distraction of IT.

The wrong IT partner can cause more harm than good over time.

Disruption to your business and lost productivity due to poorly managed system updates.

Wasted money and a dent in company morale after large technical investments that don’t deliver.

A frustrated and slow workforce due to system failures and slow responses to issues and requests.

A damaged reputation and lost revenue in the wake of a cyber security breach.

Everything from lost productivity to lost profits thanks to unplanned downtime.

Exposure of confidential data, loss of customer loyalty, or even total business collapse in the event of a data loss.

These issues can lead to serious problems in your business. When your IT is out of date, unresponsive, and slow, your workforce’s morale and productivity can take a costly hit. Unplanned downtime can have a similar effect. Ill-informed IT investments can further impact your bottom line. And in a worst-case scenario – be it from a cyber-attack or natural disaster – your IT can suffer the kind of shock your business may never recover from. Or worse, wipe it out completely.

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With Support Tree, you’ll get the highest quality, enterprise IT at a price that works for your business.

One stop shop

Access to a one-stop-shop for all your technology. From cyber security to compliance to vendor to connectivity.

A strategic partnership designed to align technology
to business goals.

Elevating technology
to leverage productivity.

Support model that focuses
on productivity.

A service supported by our values: team, care, growth, and humility.

A commitment to making your investment yield tangible results.

A focus on
business issues.

Great customer service
backed by process
and procedure.

For nearly 20 years, Support Tree has been solving IT challenges for a range of businesses across a range of industries. This means that whatever your business challenge, it’s highly likely we’ve solved it before and will be able to solve it for you. Solving problems is our calling; because we know that nothing’s more frustrating than technology compromising your work.

But we’re not just experienced engineers

Our mission extends far beyond simply resolving issues. Everything we do is laser focused on making your business operate at 100%. This means we’re constantly proactively searching for every possible improvement we can make To your processes your meetings your KPIs and more

Our Proven Process

Our Proven Process

To us, nothing is worse than a piece of technology failing to help you achieve your goals. That’s why we’re always at the ready to try something else.

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If you’d like to start working with Support Tree, the next step will be to browse some of our core services.

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IT Strategy
and projects

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Support Tree Clients

Blink Brow Bar - our clients

Blink Brow Bar - our clients

Why we’re different from our competitors

Since prevention is better than cure, we spend 75% of our time proactively solving your IT issues and routing out the potential causes of IT disruptions. We also like to fix a problem at its source, so it doesn’t return and ruin the productivity of your IT systems.

Everything we do is supported by our values of care, humility, growth, and teamwork.

What our satisfied customers have said about our technicians.

Mohsin is so professional, he conveyed not plugging in the network cable was a perfectly simple mistake to make.

Kandice Monerville

Jack is always so helpful and patient. Great service as always from him!

Kevin Rich

Thanks to Mohamed for his help in these challenging times.

John McSherry

Here are a few common questions our prospects ask us

Do you provide cyber security?

Yes, it is part of our core services. We have 2 packages that must be subscribed to in order to minimise both your business’ and our risk.

Can you provide advice?

Yes, central to our offering is delivering business based strategy and consultancy.

Can you work with our other supplier?

Yes, we are keen to help manage the relationship on behalf of our customers.

Can you help with our website?

Yes, websites are critical to the workplace of today and we treat them as such. We make sure they are protected, backed up, and kept up to date.

Are you able to help with compliance?

Our offering is built on providing our clients with standards. These standards are in line with most compliance requirements.

Do you come to site?

Yes, normally for proactive reasons such as meeting to discuss IT strategy, or to document systems, or to rollout project work.

Do you have SLAs?

Yes, we are very keen to keep to these promises and have been well within them for over 12 months.

Do you support remote workers?

The workforce is becoming more and more mobile so our support has adjusted to accommodate this.

Can you help us if we are not local?

Absolutely, we already support many companies with sites all over the world. From the US to South Africa.

How long have you been in business?

We established the company in 2002 and have been trading ever since. We’ll be celebrating our 20th birthday soon.

Do you offer short term contracts?

On our managed service offering we have an option to try before you commit up to 90 days, no questions asked.