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At Support Tree, we're the bee's knees when it comes to IT support companies. Why? Well, our team of top-notch pros are experts in solving your IT challenges.

We're all about putting you first and tailoring our services to meet your needs. We stay ahead of the game with the latest tech know-how, keeping your systems efficient and rock-solid secure. And when you need help, we're lightning-fast and committed to getting you back on track. Just ask our happy clients who rave about us. Go with Support Tree for unrivaled IT support that'll knock your socks off!

In November of 2022 we had the pleasure of celebrating Support Tree's 20th birthday! It's amazing to think the company started with our founder James on his bicycle, peddling around London. Now Support Tree has grown to ten times that size with Neil, its very first employee, taking the helm as CEO!
Absolutely! We've got your back, even for remote workers! Our IT support makes remote work a piece of cake. We sort out any tech issues and set up secure connections so your team can do their thing from anywhere. Keep calm and work remotely – we've got you covered!
Our usual IT support hours run from 8am to 6pm. But if you need us outside these hours, no sweat! We've got extended hours options to cover you. We're all about making sure your IT needs are sorted whenever you need a hand.
When you reach out for help, our crack team of dispatchers will pick up your call within a speedy 10 seconds. They'll then match you up with the right engineer for the job, who's all geared up to tackle the issue pronto. Our goal? To get things sorted for you as quickly as humanly possible.
You bet! We understand FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulations. Complying with regulatory requirements is a top priority for us. Our team stays up to date with the latest FCA guidelines to ensure our services meet the necessary standards. You can trust that we're well-versed in FCA compliance.
No, we won't replace your internal IT resource or employee. Our services are all about backing them up and giving them a hand. We work alongside your team, bringing extra expertise and support to make their lives easier. And hey, if you don't have an internal IT resource, no sweat! We can step up and fill that role for you. Our aim is to boost your IT capabilities and make things smooth sailing for you.
Absolutely! We've got your back when it comes to your website. If you've got a web developer or designer, we'll team up with them to make sure your fully supported. Need website hosting? No worries, we've got that covered too! Let's join forces and make your website shine like a champ!
You can count on us! We've got your back when it comes to regulation compliance. Our expert team will sort it all out, making sure your business meets all the necessary requirements. So, just kick back, focus on what you do best, and leave the complexities to us!
Absolutely! We're totally on board with Macs. In fact, we've got a designated engineer who's all about Apple-related devices. So, whether you're in Mac land or other tech territory, we've got your back!
The cloud is like a team of supercharged computers all linked up through the internet. Forget about storing everything on your own device – with the cloud, you can access files and software from wherever you've got internet. It's dead flexible, scalable, and won't break the bank – just what you need for staying connected and organized on the move!
Yes, one of our very helpful engineers can always pop to site to make sure you are covered when it comes to IT support. Infact almost all of our engineers live and work in the London area so regardless of your location we can reach you!
With all the cyber threats going around, it's a smart move to protect yourself. Cyber insurance can cover you financially if you get hit by a cyber attack or data breach. It helps pay for stuff like getting your data back, legal costs, and claims from others. Plus, you get expert help when things go wrong. But remember, check your risks, what you're already covered for, and the details of the policy. And don't forget, cyber insurance is just one piece of the puzzle. You still need to beef up your cybersecurity measures. Make a smart choice based on what you need and chat with an insurance advisor if you need some guidance.

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