Welcome to Support Tree

Over 2 decades of providing IT support for London small and medium sized businesses!

Our Mission:
To be a great company

To me this means a company full of people who want to be there. Who enjoy working as a team.

We talk about our company values a lot internally and being a great company means everyone understanding our values and living by them everyday. Not to mention people who take pride in their work and look for ways of doing it better.

On a Monday morning we want people to be happy to becoming to work and being part of a team. Being a great company means our team being proud of who we are, and what we represent.

Our Heritage

After a historic 21 years serving London, we look forward to future and what’s in store!

Company Inception - JLCIT Limited

  • Founding of the company in London as an IT service and security provider.
  • Initial focus on offering managed IT services to small and medium-sized businesses.
  • One employee, the founder James and a bike. A keen cyclist who powers around London helping clients.
November 5th 2002

Expansion of Service Offerings

  • Company expands its service portfolio to include network security solutions and data backup services.
  • Begins providing enterprise class services to SMBs.
April 21st 2004

Second Employee

  • Current owner and CEO Neil Denning joins in October 2005.
  • Also a keen cyclist he hits the roads and helps keep Support Tree's clients working.
October 11th 2005

First Major Client Acquisition

  • Secures a contract with a prominent hospitality provider, establishing the company's reputation as a reliable provider of IT services.
June 4th 2007

Major Technology Investment

  • Automation and remote access is coming a long way. We less and less need to cycle out to our clients and instead invest into a remote monitoring and management tool.
December 3rd 2010

Company Rebranding to Support Tree

  • Undergoes a comprehensive rebranding effort, adopting a new name new logo and visual identity to reflect its evolution as a leading IT service and security provider.
  • Strengthens the company's brand recognition and positioning in the market.
May 23nd 2018

Service Desk Institute Awards Runner Up

  • An incredibly hard award we came close runners up in this national service quality awards.
July 1st 2019

Introduction of Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

  • Launches Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services to provide clients with a comprehensive approach to threat detection, response, and remediation.
January 25th 2020

A Change To Our Structure, Support Tree 2.0

  • Neil the very first employee of Support Tree becomes the CEO as our founder James decides to venture on to new pastures.
December 5th 2022

Winners of NextGen 100 awards

  • Support Tree winners of NextGen 100 awards
June 7th 2023

The Support Tree Values

We have four core values at Support Tree that everyone is expected to abide by. We talk about them all of time, every day. Our team members refer their and other’s behaviours back to our values. They are used to praise and to help guide in 1to1’s.

We chose our values over 8 years ago. The leadership team drew a table with all team member names at the top and then went through each team member noting what values we thought they really showed.

Once we had exhausted the lists we counted up the values that were most frequently shown across the team and whittled them down to the four core values.


Always learning and growing. Taking new courses, reading industry articles, and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Professionally and personally.


Taking care in the work that you do. Taking pride in providing a high level service. Doing the right thing by the client. Helping out your team mates when they are in need. Showing someone support when needed. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, understanding their needs, and ensuring they have a positive experience.


Recognition of others and being aware of our own limits are what all team members of support tree must keep at their foundation. To be great requires we are always prepared to learn more, be selfless and ready to recognise all that support us.


Together, more can be achieved than individually. Having shared goals and having mutual respect for each other. Supporting your team mates when in need. Having the humility to roll your sleeves up and help when needed. Recognizing each team member's unique role. Open communication and holding yourself accountable to the team.

The Support Tree Team

Our Next Few Years

We look forward to getting even closer to being a great company!

Cementing Insurance SMBs Presence & Dipping into Real Estate Asset Management...

  • Achieve ISO 27001 certification, highlighting our commitment to data security for SMBs.
  • Host exploratory workshops for SMBs in real estate asset management, gathering insights and needs.

Real Estate Asset Management Transition & Introducing Alternative Investments...

  • Roll out a dedicated IT platform tailored for SMBs in real estate asset management.
  • Initiate a beta platform for SMBs in alternative investments, focusing on private equity and hedge funds.

Enhancing Alternative Investment Solutions & Exploring New Tech...

  • Begin offering IT consulting services for firms transitioning to advanced Alternative Investment Solutions platforms.
  • Expansion. Open a dedicated office focusing on IT solutions for the alternative investment sector.

Neil Denning


I grew up in a family business that did coach hires. From a young age, I was already answering phone calls, fixing customer issues and clean the coaches – talk about humble beginnings! It was just part of my life to keep things running smoothly and give excellent service. Anyway, I always had a dream of starting my own business and becoming a leader, which is exactly why I picked up the CEO mantle in 2018.

These days, my passion is personal growth – for myself, my family, and our team. As CEO, my role is critical in promoting personal growth and creating a company that’s a great place to work. By staying true to our company values, we can continue to foster a supportive and productive environment where everyone can thrive.

Arunsri Denning

Head of Finance

I grew up in Thailand before coming to the UK to go to university. My father was an officer in the Thai Royal Air Force so I grew up surrounded by organisation and precision.

I’ve taken that knowledge into my role at Support Tree as Head of Finance. Organisation and precision is key to the business as a whole and I take pride in always aiming to improve our side of the business.

My role is to ensure our finances are in a healthy shape and to provide the data through financial reporting for the business to make the right decisions at the right time.

Liza Ackin

Finance Manager

I grew up working in my family’s grocery shop back in Trinidad and loved meeting all our loyal customers (now long-life friends). At the end of the day,

I’d help my mum count the pennies and balance the accounts! Now at Support Tree, I love the flexibility my role offers, the team that are always willing to support each other and the opportunities to improve my skill sets within the IT industry.

With everything that we do, personally or in business, a finance role is always key… it’s the lifeblood of any business! My role is to ensure client and supplier invoices and payments are accurate, consistent, and timely. I am also here to ensure the day-to-day admin finance tasks are correctly up to date which then assists the management team to do what they do best!

Jakub Wojciechowski

Service Desk Manager

As someone who has spent many years in the hospitality industry, interacting with clients has always been a passion of mine. However, I longed for a change and a new challenge. Thus, I made the decision to transition into a tech-based role. Assisting clients with their problems and getting to know them on a deeper level has been a source of great joy and fulfilment for me. It is my mission to work with people, and for people, to alleviate their concerns and ensure their satisfaction.

In my current position as the initial point of contact for clients, I recognize the significance of capturing their issues or requests accurately. The ability to make everyone feel heard and valued is of paramount importance. Additionally, I endeavour to keep the engineers on their toes, promoting efficiency.