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Firstly, the financial implications of downtime are significant. Each minute of downtime can cost approximately £120, which can accumulate to an estimated total of £21,600. Additionally, data breaches might incur expenses around £4,200. Moreover, there are potential legal and regulatory fines, which could reach up to £16,000.

Moreover, consider the cost implications of restoring your brand following a public relations crisis, which could amount to around £7,500 per month. Additionally, in the absence of adequate support, your monthly IT expenses might increase by £5,000. Furthermore, there is a significant impact on employee productivity, potentially leading to a loss of approximately £30,000.

Additionally, there are further expenses to consider. The cost of IT training and education amounts to approximately £305 per month. Moreover, insurance premiums can reach around £720 per month.

While these costs may initially appear minimal, they accumulate significantly over time, impacting your finances considerably.

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You bet! We're all about insurers, brokers, MGA's, and MGU's. We've got the know-how to meet their specific needs. Our deep expertise and tailored solutions make us the go-to choice for insurers, brokers, MGA's, and MGU's. We've got your back with exceptional support crafted just for you.

You bet! We've got you covered, even if you're not local. We've supported companies all over Asia, Australia, Europe, and even North America. No matter where you are, distance is no biggie. We'll sort you out with remote assistance and ace communication, making sure you get top-notch support wherever you're at.
This statistic is calculated through our engineers and tickets. It is used to show how many tickets an engineer can resolve in one instance, for example: The engineer hasn't had to escalate a ticket, or work on it second time, instead they dealt with the ticket when it was assigned and completed it in one full swoop. Being able to solve over 50% of our clients issues in the first contact is a real badge of honor!
No chance of 'cookie cutter' solutions here! We're all about being bespoke. We get that each business is unique, so we take the time to understand your specific needs and challenges. From there, we craft personalised solutions that fit your goals, objectives, and constraints. You can rely on us for top-notch, made-to-measure solutions that are just right for your business.
We can totally work with your other supplier(s). We're all about collaboration to meet your needs. Whether you've got existing suppliers or new ones in mind, we're flexible and ready to team up. Our aim is to make it seamless for you, bringing together the best of all worlds to provide comprehensive solutions.

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