Access to your voice calls through Teams, anywhere, any device, anytime.

Add Business Voice to Microsoft Teams and you can always be available. Keep communications open and easy for all your contacts, while enhancing all your phone experiences.

Your customers are trying to reach you but they’re unable to get through

You may also be having difficulty transferring calls. If you can’t do this at the click of a button, both your colleagues and customers can get frustrated.

Friction around making, receiving, and transferring calls, can leave your customers thinking that your business doesn’t care. Now is not the time for that; COVID can’t be an excuse after 6+ months.

Add Business Voice to Microsoft Teams for a streamlined customer calling experience that never leaves your customers feeling ignored.

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You’re already familiar with it

You already love Microsoft Teams. Now you can have your voice calls in Microsoft Teams as well.

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Business voice integrates with your CRM

This gives you popups of incoming callers so you know who’s calling before answering.

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No new hardware required

Use your mobile, your headphones, or your speakers to make and receive calls.

That’s not all

  • All calls are included in UK. No surprise bills – other countries available on request.
  • Keep your phone numbers, don’t lose any of them; all numbers can be transferred.
  • Transfer, Hold, Conference, all at a click of a mouse.
  • Voicemail is emailed or viewable in MS Teams and transcripts of the message will be provided.
  • Auto Attendants give your callers routes to get the right contact.
  • Reporting gives you insight into who is calling when, how many calls are being made, all at a glance.
  • Make voice calls from any device, iPad, android,
    laptop, MAC, etc.
  • Call from most phone handsets. The choice is yours. You can have a handset or no handset.
  • There’s a mobile app if you prefer to not use MS Teams.
  • Ring Groups; any combination in any order.
  • Call Recording, compliance or training is included in your subscription at no extra cost.
  • Whisper / Monitor / Barge

Getting started with Business Voice couldn’t be simpler

Step 1:
Call to arrange
a demo

See first-hand the power of Teams voice calling

Step 2:
We provide a proposal for you to sign off

Get complete visibility of costs to compare with current spend

Step 3:
Use Teams for all
your voice calls

Never miss a call and use a familiar interface

“It’s been a helpful addition to our organisation, allowing us to adjust seamlessly into the “new normal” where face-to-face meetings are taking a back seat and a virtual meeting room is required.”

Farrah Laborde, Office manager

There’s no easier way
to transform the way
your business makes and receives calls

Interested in seeing what Business Voice can do for your team and business?

Download our Business Voice Brochure

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to keep my phone numbers?


Will I be able to barge calls?

Yes, along with whisper and monitor all with a few clicks.

Is the system resilient?

Yes, it can be hosted in a mirrored configuration.

Can I record calls?

Yes, unlike most other MS Teams offerings our recording function is included.

Will I be able to keep my phone system settings?

Yes, and more, the PBX is very powerful and has an enterprise-level feature set.

What happens when Teams crashes?

As our system doesn’t require MS teams to make or receive calls, there is built-in redundancy that enables calling from web-based client or application.

Am I able to get voicemails emailed to me?

Yes, not only that but you can get the voicemail transcribed and emailed.

Can I make calls from my CRM?

Yes, the system plugs directly into most CRMs and will provide popups of caller details, transfer notes made in your CRM to transferred calls, and if required, link call recording to contact or CRM note.