Reliable Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

In a world where compliance, cybersecurity and data protection are business essentials, BCDR planning is becoming a necessary solution.

Every business is at risk of potential disaster. Whether it’s flooding, a cyber breach, power outage or malicious activity – it’s crucial you’re prepared. Without a defined, comprehensive and reactive BCDR plan in place, your business will be at risk.

Support Tree helps companies to form an effective, robust BCDR plan from start to finish.

With our step-by-step support, your business will be fully equipped to protect, survive and thrive – no matter what challenges it may face.

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What is BCDR all about?

Threats to business are constantly evolving, from the risk of hardware failure and software corruption to the growing dangers of ever-changing ransomware. Disruption could mean losing data, being held to ransom, having your business reputation damaged or the loss of projects or contracts.

BCDR solutions provide a plan to mitigate these risks.
Your BCDR plan should serve as a thorough risk assessment and strategy that ensures your IT systems keep running and your business remains secure.

When you have BCDR solutions in place, your data will be backed up, protected, and your business will be compliant.

Why should I consider outsourced BCDR solutions?

Minimise downtime

No business can afford downtime. Even short periods with systems down and employees unable to work can be a huge financial issue.

Protect your business

Implementing BCDR solutions is one of the best ways to build up the strength of your business against threats. With the right solutions, you’ll be less vulnerable to cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Stay compliant

BCDR plans are the perfect way to ensure your business abides by IT compliance regulations. In fact, some industries even require it.

Improve client trust

Demonstrate that you take your clients’ data seriously. Forming a solid BCDR plan will build trust with clients as you’ll be showing them that you’ll do whatever it takes to protect their data.

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What makes Support Tree’s BCDR solution stand out?

Our Business Continuity products are designed to provide complete IT recovery and server backup support so that your business can carry on operating with minimum disruption.

Our ST Business Protect solution delivers everything your business needs

Aggressive RTO of any backup, recovery and business continuity solution

Easy to deploy, scale and manage

The best protection for mission-critical applications and servers on the market

Full off-site restorations

Instant local and off-site virtualisation

Product packages tailored to your business size and requirements

Screenshot backup verification and backup insights

Centralised management interface

Find out just how easy it can be to implement BCDR solutions with Support Tree as your IT provider. We’ve got what it takes to understand your needs and implement a plan that works for your business.


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Who we’ve helped

Support Tree has been providing companies with robust and reliable BCDR IT solutions for years.

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Give your business every opportunity to thrive both now and in the future. Set yourself up for success with BCDR plans to back you up.


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