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Here at Support Tree, we can fulfil the same function as a large internal IT department, and have a range of products and services with the aim of supporting all the IT support needs of London based SMEs. Whether you are looking to reduce risk, safeguard your business continuity or move seamlessly to a new office, we can help.

We offer a huge variety of services, including complete business IT support, managed IT services, strategic services for IT projects, GDPR compliance auditing and support, Cloud computing, security, virtualisation and connectivity. Read on to learn more about what we can offer for your IT systems.

Hotel IT Support Support Tree

360° Select Managed IT Support Service

At the heart of our service offering is the 360 Select Managed IT Support agreement. We recognise that our clients need reassurance that their managed IT support will help their business grow efficiently and succeed. Our fully managed IT support package covers the four foundations of IT support – IT strategy, helpdesk, pro-active maintenance, and automation – giving you a complete, 360-degree service for your business.

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IT Security London

IT Security

Have you ever considered how exposed your business may be to cyber threats? What measures have you taken to protect your data and IT systems from theft, damage or disruption? Is it already too late? Failing to address your IT security issues regularly could result in business suicide. We offer a range of powerful, easy-to-use and affordable solutions for complete protection.

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Business continuity with IT support from Support Tree

Business Continuity – Server Backup

Threats to businesses are constantly evolving, from the risk of hardware failure and software corruption to the growing dangers of ever-changing ransomware. If your business is expected to have reliable business continuity as part of industry compliance, or you are held to technology standards by customers, ST Business Protect has you covered.

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Cloud Computing London

Cloud Computing Services

The Cloud has enabled SMEs to leverage the same benefits that large organisations have enjoyed for years. Cloud services like Office 365 give SMEs the ability to access services that were unavailable to them just a few years ago, at a fraction of their original costs. We offer a bespoke range of Cloud services to help SMEs with all their business needs – from increased security to better compliance.

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Internet IT Support London

Connectivity – Internet and Communications Support

Without the ability to connect to the internet, businesses have little chance of being productive. Whether you want to research something on the web or access your Cloud-based email account, the efficiency of your internet connection is critical. Whatever your business needs, we can recommend and supply all forms of connection, from high-speed broadband to 4G.

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IT Projects in London

IT Project Support

Support Tree has delivered strategic IT services to our clients for 14 years. We understand the importance of delivering IT projects on time, on budget and with a visible end result for the customer. Our processes, standards and knowledge reflect this: first, we determine your business needs, then we present a business case for all of our recommendations, and finally we follow a PRINCE2 framework to deliver your IT solutions. Nothing is left to chance.

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