Make optimal use of your time and focus on leading your team

By harnessing the power of technology, you can breathe consistency into your staff processes

Managing and leading people can produce a range of roadblocks and challenges

These include:

Meanwhile, your worries are likely to mount. You’ll grow more concerned over good staff leaving, investors pulling out, mounting recruitment costs and lost productivity all combine to make your job harder.  

 You shouldn’t have to accept these issues. People are the fuel that your business’s engine runs on. So, without the correct guidance and care your business will grind to a halt.  

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We ensure that insurance brokers stay on the FCA’s good side and keep their customers secure, all whilst deals are seamlessly made. 

This has produced some noteworthy results. Namely, taking on the challenge of facilitating the rapid growth of 1 large insurance broker. We helped them grow from a team of 4, to a team of 150 in just three years. All without an internal IT resource and zero lapses in productivity or profitability.   

The support we have provided has allowed their team to focus more on overall growth strategy whilst minimising wasted resources on daily operations. 

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There's no reason why your team shouldn’t be as industrious as you are

They should remain motivated at all times. They should share your vision, with each member, doing their bit to reach your collective goals. Equally, you as a leader should have your finger on the pulse of how they’re feeling and know them as individuals; the glue that keeps them for years not months and helps you build a great team. 

Our process for implementing our solutions and supporting your leadership has been honed over 19 years in the business. This has created strong client relationships that are still going today, long staff tenure within our own team and exemplary boosting of our staff satisfaction scores.  

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How we can support your team and support your leadership in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Setup a meeting and listen to your business challenges.

Step 2

Create a gap analysis and report based on our findings.

Step 3

Engage and solve the issues outlined in the report.

Over the last 19 years, we’ve learned a lot about making your business a success

We’ve learned from our peers, leaders, books and experience, taken this learning, and layered it across our IT knowledge to make it more effective. This is knowledge that you as a client will benefit from as we bring the fundamentals of leadership to life through technology. 


Do I need to invest in a load of new technology to get the benefits?

No, most businesses already have the systems needed to receive the benefits mentioned above.

IT providers fix issues to IT problems, not business problems, why are you different?

Support Tree has always focused on the business needs first; this is why our clients experience a different result than if we were to only focus on IT issues.

How long will it take to see results? 

The tools and processes we use to make visible difference can be instant. However, this will depend on the client’s willingness to adopt.

Can I benefit from this service as a project?

Customers that have our Support offering can subscribe to this service. To be able to leverage your IT we need to have some control of it. 

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