Select 360 gives you complete support for your IT systems and business strategy with our fully outsourced IT department

Make your business thrive. Achieve your goals.

Getting your IT wrong?

When your IT is not delivering it can do the opposite of what it’s meant to and your business can suffer any of the following:

A stressed, frustrated workforce, whose productivity is undermined by its own tools

A less productive business caused by tech issues repeating themselves over and over again

The constant sense that your business isn’t receiving the value from its IT that it deserves

Fear that there would be no way back from a disaster situation

Lost time and money due to being given the wrong strategic advice

Ruining your business’s reputation due to a system breach

Frustrated clients due to a delay in delivery of services

Constant worry that your business is under threat

Bad excuses from your incumbent IT provider about why data’s been lost

None of the above should happen in today’s age. Especially with all the IT tools we have on offer. Also, with the effective and reliable process that Support Tree has developed, and proper planning, your business can avoid any frustrations that your IT might cause. IT is here to make your life quicker and easier, not slow it down.

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Select 360° – Managed IT Support Service for London SMEs

With the right IT, your business can enjoy all of the following.

Employees that can work productively
from any location.

A happier, more motivated team thanks to a reduction in IT frustrations.

A more collaborative team that does better work in less time

An organisation that’s more productive thanks to improved education on how to use IT optimally

Greater customer satisfaction thanks to the boost in employee motivation and efficiency

Improved clarity on your IT estate: you’ll know what IT assets your business has, what state they’re in, and more

Peace of mind knowing that your IT systems are working as effectively as possible

Strategic roadmaps and guidance that’s laser focused on getting the outcomes you desire

More predictable costs, revenue, and output

We understand the frustration of trying to run a business only to be plagued by system issues holding you back

That’s because we solve these challenges for businesses like yours every single day. And we’ve been doing it for nearly two decades.

Use our calculator below to get an idea of how much it might cost not to switch

How to Get Started with Select360 in 3 easy steps

  • We start by giving you a free network and cyber audit + report

  • Next, we present you with a bespoke solution

  • We take you through our thorough and professional onboarding process

Now you can leverage technology to watch your business thrive

This audit will give you a detailed report on the state of your IT and its current exposure levels. In the audit report, all your systems and documents will have been monitored and accounted for. The audit report will also contain a list of risks and recommendations

Arrange a Free IT and Cyber Audit Today

Support Tree Clients

Blink Brow Bar - our clients

Blink Brow Bar - our clients

Here are a few common questions our prospects ask us

How much will it cost NOT to switch?

See our IT Support Calculator above!

What is included?

See our support model above!

Do you offer strategic support?

Yes, we follow a tried and tested process to ensure all IT strategy is supported from quarterly meetings to 3-year roadmaps.

What kind of proactive service do you offer?

Since prevention is better than cure our entire service is geared towards being proactive. Everything from our Standardisation to our 24/7 monitoring and alerts will address your IT issues well before they become pressing.

Do you charge for onsite visits?

No, we include site visits in our agreement.

What isn’t included?

Almost nothing. We look to replicate an internal IT department, from strategy to 1st line support to vendor management to asset management.

What are the agreement terms?

For the first 90 days you can end after one week’s notice, then annual recurring.

Do you provide monitoring

Yes, we provide NOC. It monitors over 5000 different activities. Further to this, any alerts will be worked on within seconds, whether this is an automated response or human intervention so that nothing develops into an issue.

Do you liaise with other IT vendors?

We will be your IT department. We provide an expert ear that can talk with third parties and help provide the ideal solution for your business. This leaves you to get on with your work, stress free.

Are you partners with Microsoft?

Yes, along with all the other major vendors, we are certified with most, these also include SonicWall, HP, Sophos to name a few.

Do you provide cloud services?

We are big advocates of the cloud and have been since the start. We are always looking to leverage the cloud as much as possible, from online backup to email and CRMs