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Top tips for home working: Part 2

From the name of this blog, you can probably guess this is the second part of the two-part series on top tips for working from home. If you haven’t read part 1 you can do so by clicking here. The point of both these blogs is to help you to see how making some small changes with minimal cost will reap massive rewards. Whether that can save you from RSI or simply mean projects are delivered on time, these tips will help.


Docking station

If you take the advice in part one of the blog about getting a wireless keyboard and mouse, then the next step to a fully functioning home office is a docking station. With the advent of USB C connector which not only connects all your peripherals but also charges your device it has never been easier, there are plenty of docking stations on the market that will work and are great value, by getting this device the frustration of having multiple cables to plugin every time you go to your desk will be gone, these devices will also allow you to expand your system by adding multiple peripherals including extra screens…. which leads nicely.


Two screens or more…

It has been a long time since I was subject to just 1 screen but working from home and only having a small laptop screen to work on for 8 hours a day just wasn’t doing it for me. Productivity suffered and frustration set in, with the purchase of the docking station I now have 2 HDMI ports to connect screens to, these are permanent connection so when I go to my laptop now and it’s connected to the docking station I have 2 large screens to work from.

While we’re on the subject of screens, Windows 10 has the option to connect to wireless displays. If you have a TV that is less than 3 years old and has smart TV functions then you can easily connect your laptop, this gives you a further option of having a bigger screen to work from, although don’t blame me if you get trouble from the kids that they can’t play their Xbox or PlayStation…



If you are like me and your home working has lead to all of your meetings are now held through Teams, Zoom and other online systems. Until recently I was bent over looking into my laptop. With 2 to 3 hours a day in meetings, this is not good for the back, luckily, I had a webcam at the office, so popped in and picked it up. Now I am enjoying the benefits of a much better camera which I can look into at a comfortable height and distance, the days are now gone that callers are subject to an unfortunate angle of my face…


Good headphones

Having kids running around at home and getting peace and quiet for meetings is a bit of a luxury. As such, I have started using my Jabra headphones, what a difference, comfort, clarity and even positive comments from those I am talking to of how clear I sound. If you want to be professional as possible at home these are a must.

Support Tree has been managing IT for businesses in London and beyond for 17 years, working on the IT strategy and helping to mitigate risk by implementing the right security measures, our pedigree as a cyber security expert puts us in a great position. Now we are going further and will be announcing a home IT support product to ensure our clients are safe when out of the confines of the office.

If top tips for working from home has been helpful lookout for Top tips on the best software to use for remote working coming soon.

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