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Take a look at our business guide which specialises on the insurance industry!

Like many others in the insurance industry you probably experience keeping existing talent, productivity, FCA regulations, and being ready for M&A challenging.

We understand these problems can turn into nightmares. Compliance can leave you feeling overwhelmed, finding top talent can become demoralising, A.I implementation or lack of it can leave you feeling like you’re being left behind, and the thought of losing control of your data might give you sleepless nights.

The insurance industry is growing. But why is your business finding it so tough? There is a right way but what is it?

Use our calculator to find out if switching could save you money on IT!

Take a look at our business guide which specialises on the insurance industry!

Luckily we specialise in problems like these and can help insurers to reach their visions...

…We can’t fill vacancies!

How do we fix that? Support Tree can use its deep pool of business experience to leverage technology and bring to life your values to enable a strong, vibrant culture. Values and culture are excellent at making your business more attractive to A-players.

Take a look at our business guide which specialises on the        insurance industry!

               Check out our webinar to see the problems others in                the industry faced!

It’s not just the two of us

The entire U.K. is struggling to fill job vacancies, but why is it harder for insurers or businesses such as Support Tree? Because we both need high-skilled talent! Finding new, top performers can be a struggle (trust us we know), but keeping A-players at your business is achievable, especially for an insurance firm. 

We understand it’s difficult to grow an insurance business and keep customers. We understand it can be hard to cut costs and increase revenue. We understand satisfying customers or talent in the insurance industry can be near impossible. However, we understand what insurers are capable of!

How do we know all of this, because we…

Partnered with Eaton Gate

For cyber audits, we’ve teamed up with one of the best in the business. Find out more here

Attended BIBA Conferences

Let’s chat at one of the biggest events in the industry

Provide an Insurance Industry Guide

We created a guide with all the answers you will ever need. You can find it here

Service Desk Institute Awards

Achieved the Best Small Enterprise MSP Finalist in 2019

 Maintained Customer Satisfaction

Monitored through SmileBack, we kept our customer satisfaction rate over 98%

Became 5 Star Rated

Our Google reviews are filled with positive testimonials from positive experiences

Want to start solving your insurance issues?

Step 1- Start with a discovery call and system audit

Step 2- You will be presented with a bespoke solution

Step 3- You will receive a thorough and professional onboarding process

Now you have implemented your bespoke solutions you can watch your business grow and succeed as we take care of the difficult parts!


Have you helped any other insurers grow?

Yes, especially our partner Eaton Gate! You can see how all of our clients got on here!

Do you understand the FCA regulations?

Yes, we have plenty of experience working around the FCA's regulations!

Do you understand what it takes to achieve automation?

Yes, we have achieved automation with many of our clients, but we started first with Support Tree!

Are you a member of the National Cyber Security Centre?

Yes we are a proud NCSC member!

Is every member of your team police checked before accessing our systems?

Yes all members of our team, who have access, do have a police check!

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we offer discounts, especially for the insurance sector!

Take a look at our business guide which specialises on the insurance industry!