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Top 10 tips for secure remote working

it’s time you work securely at home.


This post is for all remote workers. It is for those that are using home PC’s to access business networks and so may be adding a security risk to the business. It is for those that want to work securely from home.


Keep your devices up to date

All your devices should prompt you when they need an update.

Using our remote control software. Devices under our service agreements are kept up to date with critical Windows Updates that we have tested and approved.

Home devices may be a lot further behind and it is important to stay up to date to protect your home PC and your business network.

Check for Windows Updates


Secure your accounts with strong passwords

Make sure that all your devices are password protected.

We recommend using a password manager. For business we recommend a corporate password manager

  • Use strong passwords
  • Secure smartphones and tablets with screen lock
  • Set up two-factor authentication on your online accounts


medium-shot-woman-working-desk-with-laptopUse approved software and collaboration tools

Before downloading any software or tools for work purposes, check that they are approved by your organisation.


Protect against viruses

Make sure you are running a licensed and updating anti-virus on your PC

We recommend Webroot Secure Anywhere


Switch on your firewall

Windows comes with an in-built software firewall. Make sure you have it turned on.


These last 5 are critical to protecting your information


Back up important data

Make sure that important files are backed up in case something happens to your computer.

If your business has provided you with cloud storage, use this. If you are accessing work documents over a VPN then keep the files on the file shares you are accessing as these are backed up.

Do not back up your organisation’s data to your personal devices, as a result, this could lead to a data breach.


Set up a separate account

Create a separate windows account for your work to separate business information from your family’s.

We recommend removing administrator rights from your standard user account. Use a separate password protected user for administrator rights.

Doing this helps to reduce the threat from viruses and helps you control who can install applications on your devices.


Protect your Wi-Fi

Protect your Wi-Fi using WPA2 encryption with a unique password, otherwise anyone can enter.


Watch out for phishing emails

Phishing is on the rise. In conclusion, hackers are using the stress and increased workload of key people in the business, directors and finance personnel to commit fraud.


Use our Baseline Home Security Service

Support Tree are now offering a baseline security service for home PCs.

The package includes:

  • Full patch management
  • Full corporate Anti-virus
  • Internet security filtering

Want to learn on how to protect your business from hacking attacks? Call, email or submit your details below and let’s have a talk. Lets see how your business can become the best!