Case Studies

Case Study: Upgrading Hardware

Client: Upgrading Hardware

Davis Coffer Lyons have been firmly established for four decades as the industry’s leading specialist adviser to the leisure & hospitality property sector and more recently, the care sector.

Their Sales & Lease Assignments, London Estate Strategy & Lettings, Tenant Representation, Investment, Lease Advisory, and Valuation divisions are led by the most experienced experts in the industry and are all at the pulse of the leisure market and immediately aware of changing market conditions across the sector.

The Business Challenge

Expensive security and lost time.

The financial services and property industries face a unique challenge in keeping productivity high while also ensuring and maintaining the highest echelon of security measures. With technology advancing quickly, relying on outdated systems can lead to strained company resources, reduced growth potential, and missed revenue opportunities; not to mention the pressing worry of cyber threats. A modernised approach is needed for organisations looking towards long-term success within these competitive fields.

Davis Coffer Lyons could have encountered a similar challenge.

Whilst their security and cyber resilience were always kept to the highest industry standards, it was starting to cost the company extortionate amounts in extended warranties and replacement parts for their existing fleet of computers. The legacy devices meant every employee working 7.5 hours a day could have experienced a slow-down for five minutes in each hour, which translates to around 18 days (7% of the working year) in lost productivity.

Davis Coffer Lyons was committed to taking a proactive step towards preventing frustrated staff, reducing cyber-attacks, and increasing market growth, but was it possible to do so and reduce the high costs associated?

"Support Tree have been providing excellent support and advice to us since 2011. As well as day to day support and projects, they are ahead of their competitors when it comes to advising on the latest technological advances and cyber security. We feel safe in the capable hands of Suppor Tree!"
Jacqueline Wright
Executive Director, Operations

Our Business Solution

Davis Coffer Lyons was set up with an entirely new fleet of computers that had been audited to meet the specification their business required to continue providing the consistent high-quality service they are known for. By providing the necessary tools, the company could help foster a sense of empowerment amongst its team that would enable them to do their job to the highest standard. Their productivity would no longer be restricted either, resulting in growth and revenue goals being more achievable.

Making the upgrade, Davis Coffer Lyons instantly made it harder for hackers to break through cyber security systems. This is because the longer a piece of hardware has been available to the public, the longer a cybercriminalhas to find its weaknesses. The team was also continuing to mitigate a large portion of the risk and potential costs from a successful cyber breach.

The result meant Davis Coffer Lyons didn’t need to invest in an expensive warranty and could instead invest their time to achieving positive operational and financial targets.