Case Studies

Case Study: Email Signatures

Client: Seaforth Land

Seaforth Land is a value-driven real estate operating company specialising in high-alpha investments in the London City Fringe and Path of Growth markets. Their goal is to be the first-choice development operating partner to institutional, real estate private equity and family office investors interested in the London real estate market.

The Business Challenge

Inconsistency with productivity churns.

Processes and consistency are major challenges for the financial services industry. Using aging systems and technologies not only does more harm than good to your team but also to your business. Frustration, errors, and lost time with slow processes can cost your company in revenue, growth, and talent. Add on the tight regulations from the FCA and it can all become a bit of a headache.

Seaforth was suffering from a similar pain. How could they ensure their email signatures (templates) stayed consistent, their teams kept performing and their resources were assigned appropriately?

The existing system meant Seaforth were struggling to adapt to the new automated, highly productive business environment. Anytime a template was updated it would then need to be manually distributed to the team, leading to inconsistency.

Sticking to the manual method could’ve left the team feeling frustrated, which would’ve exposed Seaforth to talent issues in an industry where top performers are few and far between. It was all too risky for a business built on consistency.

Support Tree has been brilliant! The suggestion to make the switch was a no-brainer with them. The care and expertise provided from their team gave us full confidence in their ability to steer us in the right direction. It’s great knowing that this side of Seaforth Land is taken care of by the right people.
Farrah LaBorde
Operations Manager

Our Business Solution

The Cloud refers to servers that are accessed over the internet, and the software and databases that run on those servers. Exclaimer’s email signature manager is a cloud-based app that pulls the authorised user’s information from a directory and adds it to the previously uploaded template to create a uniform, personalised email signature.

Seaforth was set up with Exclaimer and then we added the templates required to the new portal, removing the previous tedious tasks and improving productivity. Now their team could spend less time chasing employees for changes and more time delegating resources to high-level responsibilities.

Plus they had the added benefits of consistency with their marketing communications and customer experiences of their brand.

The end result of these changes meant Seaforth was now more productive and more consistent. This then ensured they could achieve their business outcomes of happier teams, positive customer experiences, and continued growth.