Case Studies

Case Study: Cloud Based Servers

Client: Stamford Associates

Stamford Associates are an award-winning investment consultancy founded in 1984. Since that time, they have been providing clients with insightful and successful investment solutions. Over the years, they have developed and applied a unique approach to investment manager research, assessment, and portfolio construction.

The Business Challenge

Security without support.

Data protection is a major challenge for the financial services industry. This is especially the case in today’s flexible working world where cyber threats are increasing every year. Add in the fact that modern technologies and solutions are quickly becoming outdated and that the FCA regulations are not very forgiving, and it can all become too much to handle.

Stamford had this exact challenge. How could they ensure their teams stayed productive, their business attracted top talent, and their operations remained consistent?

The existing system meant Stamford could have struggled to recover from any major disruptions and their modern policies would have been harder to sustain in the long term.

Without a proactive change, should their physical server become damaged by an accident or natural disaster, then their flexible working staff could have been exposed to cyber threats. It was all too risky for a business reliant on reputation.

"I am really glad we decided to use Support Tree. The service has been exceptional, and their solutions have been a positive addition to our business. They are such a pleasure to deal with and it is great to have peace of mind that Stamford is being protected and supported by the right people. I would highly recommend Support Tree to anyone!"
Luke Samuels
Information Systems & Development Manager

Our Business Solution

The Cloud refers to servers that are accessed over the internet, and the software and databases that run on those servers. Subscriptions such as Support Tree’s Disaster Recovery Service via Axcient, allow users to store files and data in a cloud-based server giving authorized personnel access to information from any location.

Stamford was provided with this very solution. By replacing the existing physical server with Support Tree’s Disaster Recovery Service cloud-based option, all they needed was a stable internet connection to keep their sensitive information protected, backed up, and accessible.

Plus, they mitigated any risk of downtime as their new server could not be affected by potential damage or common disruptions.

Next, was to tackle the service issues Stamford had faced. We made sure to provide our gold standard customer service and the direct contact details for our dispatcher who could then ensure any issue or query could be resolved in a timely manner.

The end result of these changes meant Stamford was now more secure and cyber resilient. This then ensured they could achieve their business outcomes of happier teams, continued FCA compliance, and continued growth