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A parent’s guide to cyber security

Today is Computer Security Day – an annual event celebrated on 30th November every year. Computer Security Day celebrates cybersecurity best practices and raises awareness of the importance of safeguarding vital data stored on computers. Support Tree are celebrating Computer Security Day this year by sharing a 5-page “Parent’s Guide to Cybersecurity”.

A Parent’s Guide to Cybersecurity

In today’s ever-connected world, threats to children through the internet are increasing if they do not know best practices.

In light of this, we have celebrated CSD by creating a five page “Parent’s Guide to Cybersecurity” document.

side-view-kids-using-laptop-togetherWe decided to create this guide as a supplementary document for parents at Broomwood Hall School where we recently spoke to children about computer security.

Having shared the guide with parents, we believed that this guide would be useful for any concerned parents or guardians. Therefore, as part of our Computer Security Day 2018 celebrations, we are sharing our guide to cybersecurity best practices.

The guide includes actionable tips, advice on talking with your children about cybersecurity, and supporting resources.

We hope our parent’s guide to cybersecurity will help parents navigate and overcome the cyber-security challenges that their children may face in today’s connected world.


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