Voice Calling From Home, The Results

Home voice calling

There has been a lot of attention focused on the ability to have video conference calls while home working, in an effort to replicate the office environment. With the use of Zoom, Teams and various other applications we have been able to get over this challenge.

What we don’t hear about as much is the more simple process of receiving calls on our work phone number and enjoying all the features of a phone system that make calling simple, compliant and efficient. However, there are frustrations in the solutions that have been provided to work forces that were office based and are now home based. These staff have been supported in an emergency situation and as such the shortcomings of the solutions offered to them are now showing cracks. 

Leaders have quickly provided laptops, remote access, new software and various other systems to help transition from office to home based working. In doing so, many SMEs have forgotten about the long term impact of not setting up the ability to make phones calls with the same due diligence, many are now left waiting.




I personally have experienced issues with calls to other organisations where the phone system was not able to assist with, what would have normally been, a very straightforward task. I called a potential partner and spoke to a lady who I found out was not the correct contact. We spoke about who might be able to help me with my request and found the correct person. I then asked to be put through, to this I got the response that this was not possible and would I have to call the contact directly on their mobile. This is not such a big deal, certainly in these times it’s something that can be overlooked, however, transferring calls to other colleagues is a very straightforward and basic function of any phone system these days. 

In short, the fears we had about working from home and the challenges that voice calling have came as no real surprise. Nevertheless, it’s always good to get confirmation before releasing a product. It’s clear to see that lots of organisations are not setup to make and receive calls seamlessly from home, most have their work number being forwarded to their mobile which leads to some of the frustrations in the chart below. 



Our survey below really shows that one system with a fully functional voice system, more feature full and resilient is something that is now required and would be of great benefit to those working from home, it’s not often you hear you can buy a service that ‘will give you more for less…’



We will be announcing a solution by 01/06/2020 which will ensure that all the issues voice calling present when working from home will be dealt with, not just that but we aim to give your business the “complete modern office”.

A big thank you must go out to all those that took part in our survey. All submissions were entered into a prize draw, and I am happy to announce we had a winner who will receive a brand new iPad!

If you want to get a preview of the solution for voice calling from home and how it can help, please contact us at [email protected] or 0207 260 2680 or visit our contact page.