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Top tips to better manage your passwords

strong password stops hackers!

Good password practices will help keep your personal information and identity more secure, learn how to better manage your passwords.

As an IT Security Services provider, we have these top tips to Protect and manage your passwords:

  • Don’t share your password with others, do not write it down or leave it someplace where others can find it easily. Avoid using public computers at the library or an internet cafe to access financial and business critical systems.
  • Most people choose easy to remember passwords based on their personal information which also makes it easier for the hackers to crack them. Never use personal information (date of birth, child’s names etc) or common words (favourite football team, favourite holiday spot etc).
  • Use MFA (Multi-factor authentication) in conjunction with your password. If the system you are using allow MFA, use it to protect yourself. E.g. Setup your mobile phone to receive app notifications or text messages, bio-metrics etc.
  • If you think your password was compromised, identify where else you may have used this password and change it immediately.
  • Use technologies like Google’s e Password check-up Chrome extension. Whenever you sign into a site, Password check-up will trigger a warning if the username and password you use is one of over four billion credentials that Google knows to be unsafe.
  • Use Support Tree’s Dark Web Scanning service to check if your account that has been compromised in a data breach.
  • Consider using a password manager application to keep track of your passwords.


flat-lay-hands-holding-notebook-with-password-laptopREMEMBER THE BASICS OF PASSWORD SECURITY

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Are you being asked for your password?… Stop and Think before you click!

Do you need to verify your account? … Stop and Think before you click!

How’s the spelling and grammar in the email? … Stop and Think before you click!

In conclusion, you should always be sceptical of anyone who’s asking for passwords!


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