Telling the truth


Telling the truth 

By James Carson


In this time of crisis, we are now looking for true leadership from our government. With leadership comes trust and to get trust we need our leaders to be telling the truth at all times, however hard it is. If we look back to the last time an invisible enemy took hold of our community and killed somewhere between 50 and 100 million people, we learn from this history the one thing that caused the greatest loss of life was our leaders inability to tell the truth. I ask you are we repeating the same story; are we heading for 100 million dead people?  


The reality is the economy is going to be set back when we all come through this, and the companies that do come through this will be ones where the leaders of the organisation have been able to not only tell the truth, but to communicate it across the company easily and coherently. Thankfully, one key difference today compared to 100 years ago is technology; issues resulting from the effects of the virus such as isolation and depression can be to some extent mitigated 


We are going to be isolated from one another for the next 3 weeks at the very least, but honestly if our leaders were telling the truth, it is far more likely to be at least 12 weeks. In this time, we will I suspect all see a reduction in the amount of work we can do; simple fact, productivity will reduce considerably. But, how in this time can we help one another, keep the team together and remain united. 


We can address both our social and our work needs by looking to technology. The ability to maintain business operations, serve the customers we still have and keep alive sales opportunities; can all be achieved with tools that likely already exist within your current IT setup.  


If like all our clients, you have been setup within Office 365, you will know that getting to your emails anywhere anytime is a way of life and often taken for granted. But what you may not know, is that part of the Microsoft offering is the ability to work on your files, chat with your teams and schedule video conferences with not only your internal team, but with your clients and prospects alike. 


We have been running a service desk for more than 15 years and the belief was that for our team to be productive and to be able to share and advise one another, we needed to be together in the same office. We have for a long time talked about the possibility of having more flexible arrangements with engineers working from home, but never took the step. However, as we have now been forced into taking that leap of faith by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdownwe are seeing that the productivity of the desk has actually improved. Now of course, I am fully aware that it is early days and there is a novelty element to all the team in being able to work from home, but the fact is tools like Microsoft Teams allow us to keep the lines of communication open and work collectively as one, wherever, whenever. 


I know that this time is going to be challenging for everyone so I am offering to anyone who reads this blog and would like to get some advice on how to get through these times using technology please get in touch and I will try and help you as much as I can for free, my aim is to do what I can so we all can come through this time of crisis stronger.


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