Technology is vital for GDPR readiness


In reality, the [cyber security] risks are very real. But they are manageable and at a tiny fraction of the cost of letting a risk turn into a crisis. – Neil Denning, CEO of Support Tree

Awareness of the regulation is growing, and rightly so. With 6 months to go, it’s not quite as likely to find someone who is yet to hear of the General Data Protection Regulation. Our first GDPR event provided a general overview of the regulation and why the regulation is important. It therefore made sense for our second GDPR seminar to focus more specifically on our area of expertise – technology.

Delegates were educated about the urgency of complying with the regulation before the May 2018 deadline. The event started with a quick A-Z of the regulation, followed by a cyber security landscape report and an exploration of Microsoft’s cloud solutions for GDPR.

Most of the guests in attendance were from our main vertical hospitality. With so much personal data stored across multiple platforms, industries that process high amounts of sensitive information – such as hospitality – are highly affected by the regulation.

The seminar was sponsored by Datto, innovative providers of comprehensive backup, recovery and business continuity solutions. Datto explained to our audience the current cyber security threat landscape and provided a riveting live ransomware demonstration.

4 Things You Should Know

It seems that sobering statistics are a key staple of our presentations as a means of underscoring the importance of cyber security awareness. If you were unable to attend, here are the top 4 you should know:

  • On average, it takes 205 days to detect an attacker on a network
  • The predicted cost of cybercrime to the world economy by 2019 is $2T
  • Weak passwords and hacked credentials account for 63% of all network intrusions
  • The average cost of a data breach to an SMB is between £75k – $310k

What Our Delegates Thought

  • I need to look at our systems in much more depth
  • We should have started work on GDPR a long time ago
  • I really need to take the Microsoft benchmark test you mentioned
  • Today’s event changed my own understanding of the scale of change that is to occur

Did You Miss Our Event?

If you missed out on our event, don’t panic. Our slide deck is available for download from our website here.

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