From High end hospitality to IT service desk.

Why I am in a position to judge….

My name is Jakub and I have over 12 years of hospitality experience ranging from working in a small, independently run restaurant to a large chain with over a hundred branches. I have provided service to celebrities, political party leaders, well known celebrity chefs, groups of comedians rushing for the shows and day to day visitors of the hospitality business. In some of these places I did work under strict silver service rules, focused on always providing high-quality service and satisfaction to clients.

In my humble opinion

I personally think that working in dispatch with this MSP strongly relates to the job of the server at high end silver service restaurant by providing consistent, similar step by step high quality service while working with the client. We provide excellent client service from the first call, through the process, al the way to resolution. We do this by consistently following high standards and processes while understanding the client’s needs. We are always attentive and listen to make sure that each contact with us is warm, welcoming and full of care. Just as in restaurants we do not like to serve the dish cold, we follow service steps making sure that our support is delivered at the right temperature every time, we pay high attention to detail to make sure that nothing is missed, and the client is always happy to come back any time with the next order

What I have seen so far.

I have been a dispatcher at Support Tree since August 2021, and I am most often the person of the first contact between clients and engineers. I take client issues, problems, and requests over the phones, through the portal and via email, then assign them to the appropriate engineers, then schedule them in the most efficient way. My job is to make sure that the client’s issues are addressed in the best and the fastest possible manner providing care and support from the start.

Our core values: Care, Humility, Growth and Team are important to us – we strive to apply these values to everything we do. IT is a great feeling to be part of a company that lives its values, always making a positive impact and actively working on improving ways to be the best.


Why we are so good

At Support Tree, we take clients’ feedback seriously, in fact over 96% of our customers are consistently happy with our service. We make sure that our processes are followed in order for us to provide consistent service that is being constantly reviewed and improved to meet and go beyond our client expectations.

Raising the problem or request to the service with various companies seems like an enormous and time-consuming task, taking days on some occasions to have a dedicated engineer to attend and respond. Various companies have a time to respond even up to 72hrs with dedicated support and often cases are handled by a different person on each day. Our average response is as low as 3 minutes, we are proud of being able to resolve on average customers’ requests in under 45mins.

A final word

With our high standards of customer service, we can provide a great service for different clients located in the UK as well as in different time zones, having end-users located in France, Spain, across Europe, and beyond. Personalized service is at the centre of our company, we make sure that we provide names of engineers assigned in advance to allow the client time to familiarise themselves with our team. When we do complete any client request we give them the opportunity to feedback. It is from this continual feedback we can continue to fine-tune our service delivery and processes to further enhance our white-glove service.

Hand on heart the service at Support Tree is a white glove one, even compared to the high-end venues I have worked in.  if you’re not getting this from you current provider and you want to, then get in touch. / call 0207 260 2680