Connectivity – Internet Support for London Businesses

Whatever your business needs, we can recommend and supply all forms of internet support, from high-speed broadband to 4G.
IT connectivity for offices

Our Connectivity Services:

Support aimed to provide London businesses with internet and effective communications:

  • Smart connectivity solutions for all applications
  • ADSL and leased lines to wireless broadband
  • High quality of support and personal service

Importance of Effective Internet Support

Without the ability to connect to the internet, businesses have little chance of being productive. Whether you want to research something on the web or access your Cloud-based email account, the efficiency of your internet connection is critical.

ST Internet provides smart connectivity solutions for all applications. We can provide circuits from simple ADSL and leased lines to wireless broadband (WiMAX). Our added value is the high quality of support and personal service that you’ll get from the Support Tree team.

We provide communication solutions for large corporations and growing businesses. Over time, many of these installations have grown in scale, complexity and bandwidth usage. The Support Tree team has been there to help in this growth and ensure that a smooth upgrade path is provided.

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