Business Continuity – Server Backup Support

If your business is expected to have reliable business continuity as part of industry compliance, or you are held to technology standards by customers, Support Tree’s Business Continuity services aimed at London based SMEs have you covered.
Business continuity with IT support

Our Business Continuity Services:

  • Disaster Recovery

Ensuring your IT is fully Backed-up

Threats to business are constantly evolving, from the risk of hardware failure and software corruption to the growing dangers of ever-changing ransomware. Disruption could mean the loss of data, being held to ransom, having your business reputation damaged or the loss of projects or contracts.

Our Business Continuity products are designed to provide complete IT recovery and server back-up support so that your business can carry on operating with minimum disruption.

Disaster Recovery

ST Business Protect delivers the most aggressive recovery time objective (RTO) of any backup, recovery, and business-continuity solution available today.

ST Business Protect is the ideal solution for companies for which downtime and loss of business are not options. It offers the best protection for a business’s mission-critical applications and servers, delivered via the most robust and flexible technology on the market today.

Our service is the only server backup, recovery, and business-continuity solution to offer instant local and off-site virtualisation, screenshot backup verification and backup insights – all from one simple management interface. ST Business Protect features improvements that make business continuity easier to deploy, scale and manage than ever before.

Full, off-site file restorations are also possible. In a true disaster, you can recover key documents before the lightning-fast off-site virtualisation process has even begun, directly from your own management portal.

ST Business Protect is available in four distinct product lines to better fit the needs of a wide array of small, medium, and enterprise customers.

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