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Our apprentice said this about our company…


At Support Tree, we believe our four core company values: Growth, Team, Care, and Humility, have been a major part of our ongoing success. Why? Because our top talented team lives and breathes these values, applying them at every opportunity. But who are these Support Tree superstars? That’s what we aim to find out in our blog series called Meet the Members. In these interviews, we will uncover how our excellent employees use the company values to drive positive outcomes in every aspect of their lives.


First off, can you tell me a little about yourself?

Sure, well this is my first full-time role, but I have always been interested in a career in the IT sector. I graduated from the University of Greenwich in Film Production but decided I wanted to move in a completely different direction, which is when I came across the Apprentice Engineer role at Support Tree.


What was your first impression of Support Tree? How did you find the interview?

The interviews went really well! I had interviews with both Neil and James and everything just seemed to click. Right from the get-go, they said they needed someone who fit Support Tree’s values and it just lined up with exactly what I was looking for. I was really lucky to find the perfect kick starter for my career.


What was your first experience of Support Tree’s values? Do you have any examples?

I experienced a lot of humility and growth from the start as I had so much to learn, but I also saw a lot of team and care shortly after. The best example is probably Mohammed, as he shows a lot of the team value. If I have any issues, he always offers to help me even if it means he needs to pause what he’s working on.


How do you practice the values?

At the moment I have been practicing a lot of team, care, and growth. During the day I help with the dispatching, especially when Jakub is off, which involves a lot of team and care as it’s a very intense and important role. However, in the evenings I have been taking swimming lessons to pick up a new skill and get some good exercise. I guess you could say I’m literally exercising the growth value!


What impact have Support Tree’s values had on you in your work life and home life?

I feel I have matured a lot in the short time I have been with Support Tree already. At work, I’m open to taking on new challenges and at home, I’ve been more open to exploring my religion which I don’t think I would’ve done if I hadn’t been happy in my job. I’ve really practiced what I preach.


What do you like about Support Tree’s culture?

I think I got very lucky with my first experience of workplace culture. The team promotes a healthy lifestyle and there is an opportunity every morning to share good and bad news from work or home which really brings everyone a lot closer. We look to build each other up.


Do you feel you are given the right tools for your job?

100%. The needs for everyone’s roles are always audited. Whether it’s hardware or software I’ve always been provided with the best to get my job done.


And finally, what tools do you find the most helpful, and do other industries have access to these tools?

My most helpful tool is Microsoft Teams. You can use plugins with it like Disco which lets us publicly show gratitude to each other. I’ve used this a lot, especially to thank my team for all the support I’ve had since I started. Teams is available for everyone and there are loads of alternatives to Disco.


Are you finding it difficult to cultivate the right culture?

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