kids using tablet and parents watching them

A parent’s guide to cyber security

Today is Computer Security Day – an annual event celebrated on 30th November every year. Computer Security Day celebrates cybersecurity best practices and raises awareness of the importance of safeguarding vital data stored on computers. Support...

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kids learning about cybersecurity

Getting up in arms about cyber security!

Will cybersecurity be a pandemic? Computer Security Day is an annual event that brings awareness to a growing and concerning problem – cybercrime....

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snail race

Why is my computer so slow? 5 ways to speed up your machine NOW

Why is my computer so slow? Let’s be real, “why is my computer so slow?” is one of the most frustrating sentences you’ll say at work, coming in...

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team working in the office

Maximize efficiency with Microsoft 365

I have a few questions about your productivity: Does your business’s growth depend on all your staff delivering the best work they can do? Do you...

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cookie monster cupcake

What is the ePrivacy Directive?

What is the ePrivacy Directive? What is the ePrivacy Directive? It’s one that we actually all know well, but is still one of the lesser-known data...

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support tree team women working in the office

What on earth are PECR?!

What are PECR? If you find yourself asking “What are PECR?”, you’re probably not alone.

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Support Tree team celebrating 15th anniversary

It’s Our Crystal Jubilee!

On the Friday 24th November, we celebrated our 15th anniversary as a company. On reflection of Support Tree’s 15th anniversary, we really have grown...

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ransomware alert

What is Petya ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts your files and demands a ransom payment in exchange for decrypting them. As often happens with malware,...

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