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Maximize efficiency with Microsoft 365

I have a few questions about your productivity:
  1. Does your business’s growth depend on all your staff delivering the best work they can do?
  2. Do you have the collaboration tools they need to do this?
  3. Are you certain your business’s vital information and data is protected and can staff access protected files that they require?

If you find your answers disappointing or you simply don’t know, then look no further – I have a solution for you.


Productivity and security – all in one

For the first time, Microsoft has released a product that brings together the productivity of Office 365 with the security offered by Windows 10.

It’s an integrated platform with a cost-effective, subscription-based cloud service, and has been designed with SMEs in mind.

What it means is that your teams can experience heightened productivity, no matter their locations. Simultaneously, you can use Windows 10 Pro to manage data security and protection.

As it’s a subscription-based model, you can save on capital expenses, manage business scaling and receive expert IT support, all managed either by you or a trusted partner.

Best-in-class for security and control

SUP_2023_HR-85In short, Microsoft 365 is the best-in-class security and control, productivity, and device management offering available for SMEs today.

It’s an all-encompassing license that brings together three licenses that have traditionally been separate, and arduous to manage. Bye-bye multiple windows, bye-bye multiple tabs.

Microsoft 365 works effortlessly with Azure Active Directory and proves beneficial for those upgrading existing laptops and licenses from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 to Windows 10, with a much smaller initial cost.

For upgrading purposes, Microsoft 365 is basically a dream. In the short term, upgrading costs will be significantly less than what is typically expected.

If you want heightened security but still manage rights for Mobile Device Management (who doesn’t?) across mobiles, laptops and tablets, M365 can do this.

Say goodbye to bulky processes and multiple licenses, and hello to streamlined productivity.


Want to know more about Microsoft 365 and cyber security? Call, email or submit your details below and let’s have a talk. Lets see how your business can become the best!