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Insurance Firms removed tedious tasks by better using technology!

Would your insurance company like to move past the tedious, repetitive, daily data entry tasks? Just think of the efficiencies your business could make, the hours you’d gain, and the additional work your teams could then undertake!


At Support Tree, we’ve been working with and supporting our Insurance Broker clients for many years, and from experience, we know that many are still relying on outdated, time wasting and ineffective data entry processes. With numerous hours spent undertaking the most tedious, repetitive, and arduous activities, these daily tasks can lead to key staff being not only unproductive but unmotivated as well. If these man hours were recuperated, just think how much more effective your business and staff could be!


Copy of untitled (13)-1Efficiency is key, with effective workflows and processes in place, daily tasks can be simplified, staff become more efficient, and morale is greatly improved.

So how can the team at Support Tree ensure better efficiency for your insurance broker practice and help you to improve staff performance and morale?


From the office to the kitchen table, ensuring remote efficiencies for professional services

The pandemic had a huge and long-standing impact to the way we all work. The Support Tree team worked closely with many businesses across various sectors, ensuring their specific and differing needs, requirements, and issues were met. Within Financial Services, Accounting, Funds & Investments and Insurance Brokers etc, efficiency has always been key.

With the necessary move to remote working due to the pandemic, our financial clients demanded outstanding, continuous remote services and support. Ensuring all their teams were swiftly and adequately set up at home in order to continue operating was a huge undertaking. It was a tough time for all, while Covid19 displaced all businesses and their staff, leaving thousands of offices and entire buildings empty, the changes the finance sector had to make required expert support.


Out with the tedious, and in with efficiency!

Along with implementing effective remote solutions for our financial sector clients to remove the need for daily manual data-entry, we’ve also defined additional efficiencies by putting in place solutions to streamline these processes:


Support Tree has:

  • Implemented, designed, and delivered SharePoint environments, hosted in the Cloud delivering efficient file management and much more

  • Defined and set up time-saving workflows for common processes

  • Created comprehensive workflows to deliver timely actions automatically

  • Employed process reviews to monitor and maintain efficiencies

  • Recommendations for additional beneficial solutions


These implementations delivered efficiencies to insurance brokers that have, in turn increased revenue for our financial clients. By supplying a more effective way of working for those most arduous of tasks, our clients have benefited from:

  • Huge time savings

  • Operational accountability

  • The elimination of duplication issues

  • Streamlined reporting

  • Self-maintenance


Ensuring a time effective, efficient solution has transformed our clients’ processes, and provided better working practices.

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Get in touch with Support Tree’s Insurance Industry Specialists to find out how we can deliver efficiencies to your company.