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It’s Our Crystal Jubilee!



On the Friday 24th November,

we celebrated our 15th anniversary

as a company.

On reflection of Support Tree’s 15th anniversary, we really have grown as a company. From just 2 guys riding bikes around London fixing computers, to a tight-knit team working together to help our customers. And to say we’re proud is an understatement.

To celebrate this we invited our friends, family, clients and suppliers to share our anniversary party at our very own client’s venue – The Kingpin Suite. We had a fantastic night full of pizzas, bowling and of course, karaoke.

In fact, some of our guests had such a great time that they wanted to take the venue home with them! An attendee forgot to change their shoes and left in their bowling shoes. I’ve been told they were subject to quite a few jokes that night.

To celebrate further, we’d like to leave you with 5 of our favourite memories and stories from Support Tree’s 15 years of business.


The One with The Big Behind

One of our engineers once took down a client’s entire network with his behind.

Not Just The IT Guys

We’ve been our clients’ “IT Guys” for 15 years now, and throughout this time our responsibilities have extended from “The IT Guys” to other responsibilities. We’ve been asked to fix a dish washer, move 15 desks around an office and have even been asked to put up Christmas lights. So, we’ve been the IT guys, but also plumbers, removal men and Father Christmas!

The Longevity of Our Clients

Another proud achievement is our longevity of clients. To put this into perspective, the second client we won is still a client today, 15 years later! It’s great to see such faith and loyalty from our clients.

Our Interview With An Austin Powers Lookalike

The first applicant we had for our very first IT Engineer position at Support Tree was someone who will never be forgotten. He was dressed like Austin Powers, with a purple suit and sweaty glean on his face. Before the interview commenced, he announced to us that he was the proud owner of his own business. It turned out that he ran multiple adult entertainment websites. We didn’t end up hiring him, but his honesty was certainly appreciated!

A Sentimental Ending

A more sentimental one for our final memory. Both Neil and James have been lucky enough to have met their partners through Support Tree. Subsequently they have each had two beautiful children. Just another reason why Support Tree is so important to us!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and reading our fondest memories. And to everyone who attended, we’d like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It means so much to us to have seen our clients, suppliers, friends and team members having such a fantastic time.

See you at the Silver Jubilee!

Contact us at or 0207 260 2680 or visit our contact page.


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