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Is the insurance sector suffering from something this simple?

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“I’ve already got a computer and it works fine thanks!”

You can still get functioning computers from the 90s, but you wouldn’t want to work on one.


Time after time…

What is the major impact older computers will have on current staff? Decreased productivity!

It’s a fact that computers get slower from wear and tear over time. But, if your computer is working slower so will your employees. For example, if someone works 7.5 hours a day and experiences a slow-down for five minutes in each hour, that translates to around 18 days (7% of the working year) in lost productivity!


The future is now…

Thanks to AI! Identifying, assessing, and underwriting emerging risks can be a painful process. With older computers, the side effects are worse. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already having a positive impact on the insurance sector. Customer-facing underwriting and claims processes are now faster and more accurate. But this is just the beginning.


AI’s current trajectory will turn painful processes into something of the past. But this bliss can only be achieved through new hardware.

The future is now… Don’t get stuck in the past!


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Quick maths…

Old Tech = High Costs

It’s not only time that is lost by using end-of-life desktops. The cost to troubleshoot system faults visit sites, source, procure, and fit replacement parts and finally dispose of old parts is far more costly than a regular refresh cycle that keeps all desktops under warranty. When you also add in the disruption to the user while they are either left without a system to work from or a system that they are not familiar working with and may require substantial configuration time before it will be any use to the user, it becomes very clear that trying to squeeze the last bit of life out of an old system really doesn’t make economic sense.


Recipe for disaster…

A sprinkle of poor productivity, a zest of disruption, mixed together with a slow process.

These aren’t the recipe for a motivated and engaged employee. Disgruntled employees who aren’t provided the right tools to do their work will feel like they are being set up to fail.

With the insurance sector as it is today, a lack of available talent, salaries going up sharply and the best players having their pick, not investing in the right tools for your teams will lead to the top performers giving notice to join companies that are willing to go the extra mile and give their teams the best tools they can. When you consider the cost to replace a system every 3 years as opposed to every 5. Compared to the cost of hiring and training a new employee, THERE IS NO COMPARISON! And that’s still no guarantee.


How does the insurance industry stop suffering?

Support Tree! As a specialist, IT provider to the insurance sector. Can audit your desktops, report back the findings, and give recommendations on the most appropriate desktop for each role. Then provide finance and procurement along with a seamless rollout all while you continue to work without disruption.