How to keep focused now more than ever

How to keep focused now more than ever

Lockdown has now been in place for 8 weeks and no of when it will end. The fact is How to keep focused now more than ever
According to financial experts. The end result of the coronavirus is there is going to be less money in the economy. This is going to be a very different kind of recession to what we have experienced before.
What can small businesses do to help us get through this and out the other side? be better and more resilient than before?
I thought I would share with you a tool we use that helps us to stay ahead, deliver our plan and achieve what we set out. Support Tree is a specialist in providing managed IT support and security services. it’s a very competitive sector. Working with the system I am about to share has enabled us to be successful. The plan is to continue this success through and after this crisis using this system.
The lockdown will provide challenges that no one has ever had to deal with before. Anyone with any formula that they state works is spinning you a yarn and I would tell you not to listen,
we are in unchartered territory and as such, we need to learn as we go.
If your anything like us, but at support tree we break down our strategic business plans.
From the 10 years BHAG, through to weekly meetings. With the chain of events that have unfolded it could well be time to review your plans. Not for the long term but the shorter and medium terms ones.
To help I thought I would list out how we break down our plans

The system

  • 10 year, BHAG, (big hairy audacious goal)
  • 3 year, this is your 3-year picture
  • 1 year, this is your business plan
  • Quarterly, these are your rocks,
  • Weekly, these are your tasks to complete that support your QTR rock
Now the beauty of this model is everything aligns. It keeps you focused and ensures accountability. this means the strategic stuff that often gets the lowest priority.
to keep the busuiness plan at the forefront of everyones mind . every week, every quarter and throughout the year.
Under nomal circumstances, most organisations are looking to grow and become more profitable. These are great annual goals, yet with the way things are now it’s not business as usual, goals need to change. Your current business plan might be growing by 20%. with the way things are now is may need to change to something very different. if this is the case we need to make sure we keep aligned to this change.
How do we do this? at support tree we have learned from. EOS, entrepreneurs operating system. that this is best served by breaking down the years plans into quarterly goals. Each quarters goal should result in the plan for the year.
Why a Quarter? its long enough to get a lot done but not too long to become bored by the goal.

Weekly meetings

Next, we need to deal with keeping these goals on track. we do this by having weekly meetings. The meeting is an opportunity to check-in on the goals for the quarter to ensure they are ontrack.
The meetings also give the team an opportunity to report in an issues. we are then able to determine if they are urgent and need action. or too big and should become a quarterly rock, or become a weekly to-do.
All these components together the organisation will achieve a common goal. The business plan!
With the changes we are experiencing today, now more than ever it is critical to have a framework to work in. The days of winging it are gone, times are changing and only the fittest will survive.
As a technology company. we use systems and software to make the EOS process easier to follow. To that end, we will be sharing another blog on what software to use to help support this framework.
If you want to contact us for some help, now is the time to keep focused more than ever. Contact us at or 0207 260 2680 or visit our contact page.