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“Data security was voted the top priority for customers in a 2016 survey, but so many businesses haven’t realised this. Businesses simply don’t think the way they store customer data is important to their customers. Doesn’t this go to show that a change is necessary? That’s one of the main reasons why the GDPR is happening.” – James Carson, Founder of Support Tree

The above sets the tone of Support Tree’s Lunch and Learn where Support Tree Founder James Carson, MD Neil Denning (let’s call him ‘M’…) and sipsynergy’s Zion Zachary provided insights into what the regulation means and how exactly IT plays into GDPR compliance. The regulation comes into force on 25th May 2018 and ensures that businesses worldwide are held accountable for the way they handle the private data of EU citizens.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is surprisingly still very little-known considering the upcoming enforcement date, and the severity of sanctions for non-compliance. For this reason, we hosted our first ever Lunch and Learn with a view to inform and educate about the regulation. And what better location than Covent Garden’s Bond in Motion exhibition – the home of film’s most notorious vehicles.

As shown by the Symantec A show of hands from the audience suggested that awareness of the regulation is still not quite as high as it perhaps should be:

“According to a study carried out in 2016 by Symantec, 96% of businesses didn’t fully understand the GDPR and 60% had not even heard of it at all! Out of 900 businesses, 23% of respondents did not think they would be compliant by the deadline. So if you didn’t raise your hand, you’re certainly not alone.”

Scared you missed out?

If you missed our event on Friday, don’t worry. Here are some key facts from the event:

  • There are only 242 working days until the regulation goes live (at the time of writing)
  • 96% businesses do not fully understand the GDPR
  • 60% business do not know what it is
  • 88% consumers rank security of personal data as their no.1 priority
  • You could be subject to a fine of 10million and above for non-compliance
  • IT accounts for 20% GDPR compliance

Post-event feedback

Our post event survey showed some concerns amongst attendees, with 70% considering cyber security a real threat to their business and 40% feeling unconfident with their knowledge of the regulation. A further 70% requested assistance from Support Tree for GDPR IT planning.

Missed out on this event?

Fear not, we’re holding another GDPR learning session in September. Sign up here to avoid disappointment.