Elevate MS Teams

Enhancing Teams to full video conferencing

Working from home – will continue. It’s not over just yet. As much as we all hope it to be, and it seems the idea of remote working is here to stay according to the BBC. https://t.co/qqiB601vko?amp=1, and as such we are now taking care precautions to keep the team safe. Take support tree, we have teams not mixing in person. so our bubbles can stay unaffected by the other. In our office, we only have the bubbles mixing.

On the days we do have in the office we have meetings with the rest of the team. Now I don’t know if you have ever tried having 4 or 5 colleagues attending the same teams meeting in the same office. It’s not great, and the sound feedback and delays can really be distracting.


Having a meeting with clients and prospects you still want to present your best. When trying to do this from a laptop screen the full effect doesn’t really come through. In all honestly, it can be quite restricting. My personal belief as a salesperson is it doesn’t present the image and professionality that meeting face to face would have. Whether we are talking to new prospects. or existing clients we want to ensure we look professional. And able to deliver an as near to face to face experience as possible.

The setup

Microsoft house most of our meetings are through MS teams and to really leverage MS teams as a group. we have invested in MS teams rooms. MS teams rooms is a licence that can be added to your existing tenancy. This gives you the ability to add hardware to your infrastructure to host group meetings. It consists of a large screen, either secured to the wall or on a stand. A high-quality video camera that moves to the subject. A decent microphone and speakers. A centre control panel and the main CPU. We are using Yealink as our vendor. Their equipment is all Microsoft certified and provides a great result.

It’s great to be part of the meetings now. Because either as a remote participant or while working from the conference room. It certainly recreates a much closer feeling to the face to face experience and gives those working in the bubble the benefit of collaborating with remote guests.

If you would like to find out more, contact us on 0207 260 2680 or email enquiries@supporttree.co.uk