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Do employees really feel safe?

Not as safe as you thought…

The pandemic might be over but the workplace policies that came from it are here to stay. One of the most popular policies is flexible working, more specifically remote working. Remote working allows staff to be more productive, flexible, and even happier in their role. However, they can also feel unsafe. But why is this and why should you care?

Since the pandemic began cybercrimes have been on the rise, with 39% of all UK businesses suffering from a successful attack this year alone. But what  has changed to cause such an increase? Personal tech. The more people are working from home and the more they are using personal technology which isn’t protected. By putting two and two together you soon realise these attacks on your team and their personal devices are leaving them feeling exposed, isolated, and unsafe.


Untitled design (10)Why should you care?

Talent that feels unsafe won’t stay as competitors offering security and support will begin to steal your A-players. Top performers want positions that

offer more than a great wage, with safety, culture, flexibility, and progression all being higher on their checklists. This means company that isn’t willing to match these high expectations or offer more than just money, will most likely miss out. The best of the best won’t choose you and the existing employees won’t stay.

Another reason you should care is because The Great Resignation has also made hiring even harder for small businesses. For the first time in recorded history, there are more vacancies than unemployed. Combine this with an industry that needs highly skilled workers, and you begin to see why it’s so difficult to find new top talent. Imagine the stress of not filling roles and the cost to find the right replacements, it sounds like the start of a horror story. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


Your competitors are already doing this, don’t get left behind!

You already offer remote working (if you don’t you probably should) which is very attractive to the current job market. However, there is more if you want to keep the Tiger Woods of workers at your firm.

Begin by using your current staff to build the foundations of a great workplace. You can start this off by reviewing your values whilst ensuring your team is exercising them regularly. Doing this will grow your culture resulting in existing employees feeling happier and staying for longer. Once you add training, appropriate pay, top tech, and opportunities into the mix, you will begin to look like the Google of small businesses companies.

New talent will want to work with you and the existing employees will never want to leave you!


Don’t even know where to start?

Why not begin with Support Tree’s free auditing service! As a specialist IT provider to the SME’s, Support Tree can provide an audit to assess your needs and assist in a seamless transition to flexible working. If you want to get ahead of the curve and become an industry leader, unlike others in the sector, why not…