‘Covunication’ is key

Desperate times lead to desperate measures, but must they? Well in extreme cases yes of course, but it mustn’t always be painful. No doubt the world is in one of the most bizarre and trying times humanity has experienced in a while. Putting illness and death, as tragic as it may be, aside for a moment everybody is experiencing some form of trial or another.  

Laid Back MeetingWorking from home sounded like a dream once upon a time; meetings in your pyjamas, waking up and rolling over to log in from bed, not to mention cutting out the daily commute! Well WFH is now a reality for about 70% of the working population and I don’t think I speak for myself only when I say its not quite what I expected. Whether it be the absence of a suitable working setup at home, or remembering to take regular breaks if any at all, or the blurred line between home and work life! I never thought I’d miss being stared at awkwardly on the train or the barrage of unnecessary apologies, as is the very Londoner thing to do, as much as I do now. 

Once again, it doesn’t have to be all despair. Working for an IT company has meant we were equipped better than most for the almost instant transition to mandatory working from arrangements. Practices and plans we had in place and had recommended to our clients months before were executed almost seamlessly. From remote access to configured VoIP phones, we were ready to go at the drop of a hat. Those who took the advice soon realised that these preparations were worth their weight in gold, and those that left it on the back burner, well we were happy to help bring them up to speed just as well. 

What we weren’t Microsoft Teams Connectedwarned about is how lonely it can get after the novelty of meetings in underpants wears off (day 2 in my case). We have all the tools to negate this feeling but its often difficult to remember to use them. Cue Microsoft Teams and the initiative of Support Tree’s director Neil. Daily meetings on Teams whereby we each take to the stage to go through what we did yesterday and what we will do today not just allow us to plan our day but more importantly give us the opportunity to interact with one another, make a joke here or there and generally carry on as we were pre-COVID. The relief that this has lent us is priceless.  

As the old BT advert went, its good to talk, and now is as good a time as ever. Only we don’t just talk, we communicate, we share, we joke and without realising we offer each other therapy!

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