Core and Advanced Security Shield Cybersecurity Solutions

No business, whether small or large, is safe from data breaches. To make sure your data is protected, and your business is in compliance with security regulations, you need the right security solutions in place.

Why is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution so important?

Cyber-attacks, internal threats, data loss and theft can all put your business data at risk. Now, more than ever, cybercriminals are on the hunt for data they can utilise and hold for ransom, and with more and more business embracing a hybrid working approach, it’s even easier for them to compromise sensitive business data. 

To make sure your data is protected, and your business is in compliance with security regulations, you need the right security solutions in place. 

A layered security approach is essential to cover every potentially vulnerable area of your business in order to counteract cyber threats. Cybersecurity is not a one-fix-solution, but an ongoing process that needs a layering of solutions, continuous monitoring and proactive problem fixing. 

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Security Shield Cybersecurity Packages

To secure your businesses you need endpoint protection that’s stronger and smarter than traditional business antivirus, Cloud-based email filtering for cyber-attack protection and spam emails, along with comprehensive Cloud Backup of all SaaS applications. 

As a rule of thumb, most SaaS (Software as a Service) solution providers, don’t provide a comprehensive backup solution as part of their subscriptions, many stipulate in their T&Cs that third-party backup systems should be used. If you are required by compliance to keep data, then leaving it to the SaaS provider to manage this is a very risky business. 

It’s your data, it’s your responsibility and it’s you who will receive the penalties should it not have been correctly protected.

Security shield cybersecurity

Two Comprehensive Cybersecurity SaaS Security Package Options

To ensure our clients have the added security of SaaS backup solutions, at Support Tree we offer two comprehensive SaaS Security Solution Packages. These solutions each contain the services your business needs to maintain the optimum level of Cloud security to protect your clients, your data and your business reputation safe from loss, corruption or crime.

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Option 1: Core Security Shield

 Our Core Security Shield Business Cybersecurity Package consists of:

Managed Anti-Virus

Next-gen protection for endpoints, networks, and end users powered by predictive threat intelligence.

Windows Patch Management

Regular patching protects against attacks by ensuring everything is up to date, running smoothly and without areas of vulnerability.

Third Party Patch Management

Robust, scalable and automated patch management solution to ensure software is always up to date.

Email Security

Preventing malware, ransomware and other advanced treats from compromising your email and your business.

Microsoft 365 Backup (SharePoint & Email)

Protecting files from accidental or malicious deletion. Everything from your emails to Microsoft Teams chats & calls can be 
backed up.

Managed Web Security Filtering (Secure Web Browsing)Anti-Virus

Testing and evaluation of secure web gateways and DNS security.

Microsoft 365 2-Factor Authentication

Ensure your apps, portals and data are secure with two-step verification.

Server Backups with Offsite Replication

Providing another layer of protection for backups with cloud and local copies with disaster recovery available in either location.

Advanced Firewall

Advanced threat protection, from small businesses to global enterprises and cloud environments. Discover network security made boundless.

For our clients on the Core Security Shield Business Cybersecurity package we provide end point protection with our comprehensive and proven Managed anti-Virus solution. We schedule tested and verified OS updates to all your applications with our patch management services and run continuous Cloud-based email spam filtering on all your business email accounts. We’ll also reduce your chances of a breach by 99% with our push & pull authentication software.

Option 2: Advanced Security Shield

Our Core Security Shield Business Cybersecurity Package consists of:

Dark Web Credentials Monitoring

Combines human and machine intelligence with powerful search capabilities to scour the dark web to identify, analyse and proactively monitor for an organization’s compromised credentials 24/7/365, alerting you to trouble fast.

Security Awareness Training

90% of all cyber attacks are through email, there is no cheaper, easier and more effective method to breach.

Phishing Simulations

Simulated, random and highly believable phishing attacks to gauge the effectiveness of training and highlight any weaknesses. 

Fortify Protection Assessment

A comprehensive security assessment providing a full view of your company’s risk score based on an in-depth assessment of your external and internal technologies, processes, personnel and 3rd parties.

Fortify Advanced Detect and Respond

Managed detection and response, Advanced threat detection, Instant response and remediation.

Email Encryption

Automatic email encryption and data loss prevention offer unparalleled peace of mind for you, your employees and your executives.

Fortify for SaaS

Popular cloud-based apps like Microsoft 365® and Azure® AD are prone to advanced email attacks. ConnectWise Fortify SaaS recognizes abnormal user behaviour to stop threats.

Microsoft 365 Auditing

The ability to log and search for thousands of audited activities powering your forensic, IT, compliance, and legal investigations.

SOC Service – Know the Unknowns

Monitor, search, alert and reporting on the 3 attack pillars: network, cloud and endpoint log data. Services include Threat Intelligence & Hunting, Breach detection, Intrusion Monitoring and NextGen Malware.

For our clients on the Advanced Security Shield Business Cybersecurity package, we’ve taken the level of protection one step further with additional services and solutions, ensuring greater protection from cybercrime and insider threats.

We’ll actively monitor the Dark Web for any compromised data or information pertaining to your business. With an incredible 90% of all cyber-attacks from email, our regular cybersecurity employee training and testing programmes will ensure that your ‘Human’ Firewall is the strongest it can be. 

As well as regular testing we’ll also run phishing simulations, and with our Advanced Detect and Respond solutions we’ll be able to manage any weak spots in your customer’s security. By monitoring your network, Cloud and endpoints, we can deliver Threat Intelligence and Hunting.

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