Communicate Better in The Modern Workplace with This Technology

modern workplace collaboration

Let’s explain a much thrown around buzzword; the modern workplace. It’s a term popularised by Microsoft and used to describe a work environment driven by collaboration. This collaboration is facilitated by technology. More specifically such a workplace has 4 key pillars:

  • Seamlessness: as little operational friction as possible between team members
  • Availability: employees should have access to each other and company resources, any time, any place
  • Flexibility: the ability for a team to work from any location
  • Enabling: teams must be empowered by technology to perform at their best

With the above in mind here are four Microsoft 365 tools that enable the modern workplace to flourish through better communication.

Microsoft Teams: video calling

workplace collaboration

When the modern workplace is distributed across multiple locations, video calling is the ideal way to recreate that ‘in office feeling’.

Microsoft Teams empowers employees by facilitating face to face interaction from anywhere instantly via video call. Calls can be recorded and transcribed by Microsoft Teams, making group meetings easier to review later.

Add in Microsoft Teams Rooms to make the video call feel as though your team is in the very same room together, irrespective of whether they’re in person or working remotely. Teams Rooms has features such as allowing members to join meetings with one touch and the ability to pin a specific attendee on a screen as and when you need to. It also offers the ability to sync up an external camera and audio device for a clearer audio-visual experience.

Microsoft Teams: chat

workplace collaboration

If a video call is overdoing it, messages can be sent instantly via Teams’ instant message or shared with the group via a specified chat channel.

As with email, files can be attached easily. Unlike email though, employees can add extra touches such as likes and GIFs. Great for adding a little character and fun to regular communication methods.

On the collaboration front, popular Microsoft 365 applications such as Word and Excel, integrate with Teams allowing employees to seamlessly create, share, and work simultaneously on documents all from within the Microsoft Teams chat window.

If you’d like to limit your availability you can set Microsoft Teams to ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, thus enabling the modern workplace to do more focused work.



StreamStream is a storage vault for any video content your modern workplace wishes to share within the organisation.

Stream can enable employees by offering the ideal location for any helpful resources and ideas that the modern workplace will need to communicate. 

Onboarding materials, important video calls, tutorials, and more can be shared and viewed on Stream with minimal friction. Particularly useful for the HR department if they need to distribute welcome video content at scale. 

Business Voice

This improves your modern workplace’s ability to work from any location by letting your employees turn their Microsoft Teams into a fully functioning landline.

However, unlike a landline, Business Voice offers extra features. The ability to seamlessly transfer calls to other team members at the touch of one button, recording of voice calls, and CRM integration such as with HubSpot, Salesforce, Dynamics 365 and more – ideal for gathering prospect info quickly – this all makes for a higher functioning modern workplace.

The modern workplace is only going to develop as our work habits do too. With a Microsoft 365 subscription, your team can stay on top of every piece of technology that could aid both its communication and work as a whole.

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