IT Security Solutions – Stability for Your Business

IT security investment for your company is essential to ensuring business continuity. If your customers aren’t satisfied with the standard of your technology, then this poses a risk to your reputation and future growth. Support Tree improves companies’ business continuity, securing them against threats such as hardware failures and software corruption. Our services are constantly evolving so as to locate and defend businesses against the newest threats.

Challenges to your business IT security

  • The growing threats from cyber crime
  • Hardware failure due to damage or theft
  • Safeguarding your customer’s personal data
  • Increased downtime from in-efficient data back-ups and recovery
  • Business continuity should the unexpected happen

Why You Need Stable Technology

Businesses have become so dependent on technology that, if an issue does occur, companies’ reputations are at stake. This could involve losing customers’ data, sending out the wrong information, or – perhaps worst of all – having your customers’ data stolen.

To avoid this from happening, it is essential that businesses have faultless continuity plans in place so that, if an unexpected IT-related security error occurs, your company can continue to function efficiently, and your customers’ sensitive data is protected.

Support Tree understands that downtime is not an option for businesses. It results in expensive losses, and prevents your company from running smoothly. By implementing ST Business Protect, companies can fully protect their applications and servers, and deploy, scale and manage business continuity more easily than ever before.

With ST Business Protect, our customers can access instant data backups and recovery, as well as a range of virtualisation and insight features, from a single, easy-to-use platform. In the case of an emergency, your data will be fully backed up offsite, enabling you to recover key documents.

360° Select IT Support

How Support Tree Can Help Safeguard Your Business

Your ST Business Protect will provide you with regular, scheduled and automated backups of your data, meaning that your business’s continuity plans will be truly robust. Should you have an emergency, your company will continue to operate smoothly – running directly from a remote backup unit while your data is being restored. This is all part of Support Tree’s commitment to helping your business reach its full potential.

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