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Building a Great Team


At Support Tree we pride ourselves on core values, customer service and communication. We have come a long way since last year and have undergone some significant restructuring on our Service Desk in terms of resourcing, process and procedures within our team, all of which are showing great signs of teamwork, care, growth and humility.


Finding the Balance

“What’s been the key to our success?” finding the right balance, growth of the team, the balance between resourcing our time, our team, our workload whilst ensuring we continue to deliver great customer service whist managing risk.

I recently watched the 5-part drama series on Sky Atlantic regarding the events of the Nuclear reactor disaster in Chernobyl back in 1986.  The events which took part there were catastrophic which lead to a complete radiation fallout which cost so many lives.

The events which led up to this explosion of the RBMK nuclear reactor were well documented, a change in Engineer shift pattern who were unaware of that evening tests, documented procedures which were not in place, implementation, test and back-out plans which were woolly at best, unskilled Engineers who were expected to follow protocol and of course the lack of communication across the power plant.

These key areas, which, if had been addressed earlier, may have resulted in a completely different outcome, and ultimately, led to the unbalance of the nuclear reactor.


Going back Basics

Addressing simple areas in our Service desk has made a difference and resulted in tearing up the script and beginning from scratch which has been the logical answer to move forward.

Finding the right people for the right role is imperative, ensuring they are the right team fit, and that they are encouraged to grow, to make a difference and become part of the overall team which is vital to its success.

Teamwork calling

Ask your team members, “Do they Get It?”, “Do they want it?”, and “Do they have the capacity?”. Understand your team’s needs, what do they want to achieve, both personally and professional, and above all ensuring there are no dysfunctions within the team which can cause melt-down.

Ensuring your desk is under control, all areas in fact, review open tickets, is there traction on the tickets which have been open for over 10 days, is the chargeable project work under control and being completed, how many unassigned tickets are there and the ability to control your closure rates is significant.


Support Tree LeadershipAnd what happens when the desk starts to become out of control, early signs that numbers are on the rise and team stress levels go north, you must have the ability to react, change the landscape slightly to accommodate, prioritise your position and change tactics, but above all you must maintain the balance.


Would you like to learn more on how to keep your talent’s happy and build the best team? Speak to one of our advisors by clicking the link below. We’d be more than happy to help!