Top 10 benefits of using Azure Backup, send your data to the cloud.

azure backup to the cloud

Cloud Data Backup

The Azure Backup service provides simple, secure, and cost-effective solutions to back up your data. Therefore, you can easily recover it from the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Backup on-premises files, folders and system state using the MARS Agent or use Azure Backup Server to protect your virtual machines. Before the benefits, the first rule of data protection is to always backup your data to the cloud.

Here are the Top 10 benefits of using this solution:

  1. Get a backup solution up and running without the need to deploy complicated backup software solutions.
  2. Backups are stored in an independent and isolated Recovery Services vault. With built in management and recovery points.
  3. Easily scale your backups to any size as you need it with unlimited resources.
  4. Get unlimited data transfer at no charge.
  5. Your data is kept secure during and after the backup process.
  6. Built in monitoring and alerts capabilities which will email you if errors occur.
  7. App-Consistent backups means a recovery point has all the required data to fully restore the backup copy.
  8. Short and Long-term Data retention. In addition, you’ll have no limits to the amount of data you store.
  9. Hybrid Backup options. Use or own on premises storage or Azure storage accounts to store your backups. Azure will only charge you for the space that you use.
  10. Multiple replication types:
a. LRS – Locally redundant storage replicate your data 3 times in the data centre within the same region.
b. GRS – Ge—Redundant storage replicates your data to a secondary region.
As a result, your business can enjoy peace of mind with a fully protected data service.

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By Justin Hough 5/6/20