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Added cybersecurity without the drawbacks

If you want to find out about controlling access to data and keeping it secure with little impact on your team read on. At Support Tree, we are big advocates of Microsoft 365. Since 2010 we have been selling, supporting and consulting this product that keeps on giving from BPOS to Office 365 to Microsoft 365.

The latest iteration of the product has stepped up and has some great gems. One of the gems is “conditional access”.

I assume that overall like me, when you access your data –  files or photos or emails – you are accessing it from one of the following places: your office (less so these days of course), whilst travelling, your home and when you are holiday.

Now you may or may not be aware, but built into the Microsoft 365 offering you can limit access to corporate data by location.


Copy of untitled (5)-1Why would this be helpful?

If you access the dark web you will find your credentials, email and password. It doesn’t take much for a hacker to gain access when this information is so available. Access to your email, files and your CRM will be available without extra levels of security. Activating location-specific conditional access ensures data will not be accessible.

The benefit of this extra level of security is that it doesn’t have any impact on the user. to them, it is completely seamless. The solution will enhance your security posture. without putting yet more strain on the already overburdened user.


Controlling Conditional access is not limited to location.

It also allows access based on the device. For example. take a device that is known to the organization, one that was supplied by the company. This system would be recognised as such and the system allowed access. This access may require only a username and password. Should a user try and access their email from a device not known to the organisation? This could be a personal phone, a home laptop or a hotel computer. regardless. As the organization doesn’t recognise the device it will require more security checks before gaining access.

With this kind of control comes power. and to manage it you must start with a very clear strategy. To help you get started on the strategy I thought I would share with you some questions we use.

  • What kind of devices does the customer use to access cloud apps?
  • Which application have service accounts accessing them?
  • Is Modern Authentication already enabled?
  • Do your cloud apps have a dependency on one other?

Support Tree understands all the technical controls within this system. And has business knowledge to roll out the controls without impacting usability or productivity.


Want to learn more about added cybersecurity without the drawbacks? Call, email or submit your details below and let’s have a talk. Lets see how your business can become the best!