A Master Class In Digital Security


A masterclass in Digital security 

Support Tree’s last awareness event was September 2017, a series of educational seminars based around GDPR, a hot topic at the time. This one had been in the pipeline for almost a year so getting it under way when we did wasn’t a moment too soon. 

The purpose of the event was to raise awareness around the ever-growing threat of cyber-crime. The fact is, cyber-crime is a serious issue that impacts our lives so much more than we can fathom.  

On the day, we were delighted to be joined by Simon Newman from the Police Digital Security Centre. Simon shared, from experience, the scale of cyber (in)security, how the police are under resourced to handle the problem and many other very insightful and frankly quite worrying statistics and facts. 


To really add value to the event we decided to offer a part of our IP to the attendees, this being a cut down version of OML (operational maturity level) review, the part we decided to include was specifically the digital security maturity level audit. As we have seen first-hand the difference this crucial piece of our offering provides our clients and it tied in perfectly with fulfilling the purpose of the event. 

The format of the masterclass was designed in mind to help our guests who were, and would be in future, responsible for IT within their organisations, but not necessarily IT or cyber security literate. The attendees were predominantly from the c-suite of businesses of less than 100 staff and are now discovering that cyber security is no longer an issue that can be swept under the carpet.  

The format of the event was educational and was designed to be easy to understand with any jargon explained in simplified terms. The event started with the relaying of some cyber-crime figures and sharing the reality of what the police are having to deal with.  

We then went through typical IT related business practices, divided into 3 categories, from very low to high digital security maturity level , this helped shed light on what their organizations are missing and what changes should be implemented. Then finally we shared why cyber security is such a growing industry and why criminals find it so appealing.   

One area that we spent time discussing is the human side of leaving data exposed. We are the first and last link in a chain of access to data. Despite this fact, very little is done to control and secure this threat. For example, have a think about how many different systems you are currently using the same login credentials for. Your given email address and password are likely the same to access for example Amazon, Google and your work emails. Now consider if Amazon was hacked and your password breached, those details become available to buy on the dark web, feel exposed?  

This is just one facet covered by Support Tree’s cyber-security solutions amongst a host of other measures to layer your digital security much like bullet proof glass. 

If you’re reading this and feel as though you could benefit from the knowledge passed on, you’re certainly not wrong. If you’re not convinced, however, we do have a going home present for all attendees that simply cannot be missed!  


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