6 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Will Elevate Your 2018

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As one year ends, another one begins. It is a time of reflection – which is key in our frenetic industry, to appreciate the progress being made – and also a time of planning for the year ahead. With this in mind, I will be writing a short blog every 2 months commenting on what I believe will be the main trends in technology for 2018 and beyond. My first piece will be about cloud computing, something which I truly believe will pave the way for business efficiency. I predict these trends will be as follows:


  • 2018 will the year of the public cloud
  • Cyber security will continue to hit the headlines
  • Compliance will become the norm
  • Processes will become more systemised
  • 5G will flounder in the UK
  • Big data will apply to smaller businesses


2018’s Forecast: Cloudy with a (high) chance of productivity


Various factors are coming together which cause me to believe 2018 will see a rush to the cloud by SMBs across the UK.


1. Reduced Costs

Until recently, the costs of using the public cloud for server hosting was prohibitive. Microsoft who are doing amazing stuff in this space recently announced big savings if businesses commit to 1 year or 3 year agreements. In addition, moving to the cloud has been shown to help companies achieve an additional 25% revenue growth compared to those without.

2. Trust and Security

it has been up until recently assumed that data kept on your local server is safer than on the cloud. The fact is, the basic security and advanced add-ons now available through Microsoft make it cheaper and easier than ever to secure data online.

3. Internet Access

With cloud based services, a reliable high speed and reasonably priced internet line is a necessity for most SMBs. With leased line and EFM lines now priced within range of most SMBs, this is no-longer a road block to the cloud.

4. Freedom and Flexibility

SMBs are demanding flexibility. We are finding increasing SMBs, particularly during these times of uncertainty, are moving to serviced offices or using more tele/home workers. SMBs want their people to have the ability to logon no matter where they are, in the same way as they would in the office. They want to have freedom to up and move offices without the headache of moving bulky servers.

5. Collaboration

The old style of accessing files on a file server is essentially dead. Collaboration through MS SharePoint online (which is actually included with most SMB’s existing O365 license) means company team members can work seamlessly across multiple devices and multiple people can edit the same document at the same time from anywhere on the internet.

6. Compliance and the Dreaded GDPR

With the advent of new regulations like the GDPR, businesses are looking to consolidate their data and simplify the security and auditing processes. Moving your data to the public cloud with Microsoft provides a robust all-encompassing solution for almost all SMBs.


The Cloud Computing Tipping Point

I believe the tipping point for SMBs going to the cloud happened in mid-2017. In our experience, typically those at the end of a refresh cycle are happy to invest a considerable amount more for cloud, compared to traditional local server models. Pairing this with the more recent price drops for the cloud, I expect the rush to the cloud will become a stampede. By 2021, expect for most – if not all – SMBs to have the bulk of their business-critical data on the cloud.


The results we have experienced

At Support Tree, we practice what we preach. So we ourselves are already utilising the Microsoft cloud for email, file sharing and server hosting. I have found going to the cloud has improved company-wide and my own efficiency and has helped reduced confusion and frustration when trying to find information quickly.


Added to this, with the upcoming GDPR deadline, our pressure to become “GDPR compliant” has reduced now that our data is on the cloud. We can more easily control, audit and add security profiles across the entirety of our company’s data, thus making the task of remaining within the bounds of the GDPR a lot easier.


Want to know more?

If you think the cloud is the best thing since sliced bread and would like to know more about cloud support, please feel free to read more about our services. Or even better, drop me a line on neil@supporttree.co.uk. I am more than happy to discuss what we can offer with you.

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